Amal for Protection from Blackmagic from Unknown Sources

Hello readers of, Black magic is a very frequently used word nowadays and every 6 out of 10 people in this field says that they are being attacked or affected by black magic. But in reality black magic does not actually exist it is just a word or name given to Tantra Kriyas used for harming someone and the source of the danger is unknown so it seems like negative magic and so it is called as black magic. - - Post By Guru

Anyone who thinks that Tantra has been done on him by any person needs to understand some points.

Pitrus and Kul Devi Devtas plays an important role in saving one from harmful Tantra Prayogs as well as from negative energies.

One other point is that your own aura and your Punya Karma also up-to some extent save you from negative energies.

Amal for Protection from Blackmagic and Jadu Tona from Unknown Sources

If anyone has done Sadhanas for protection then its a different thing because your get paranormal protection from these Sadanas.

The person who is very well-versed in Tantra will get to know these points and learn that these are very strong points.

Then, they usually bind the Pitrus and Kul Devi Devtas of the person by some special Tantra Kriyas if Bandhans don't work then they take Vachan or give Vachan to them for not interfering.

So today, I will be giving you a powerful Tantra Prayog and some advice to make yourself strong and to remove any sort of Tantra Prayog, Tona Totka, Sifli Amal, Jinn Jinnat, Tawizat, Bhoot, Pret, Chudail, Pisach, Inn, Joting, etc.

These Prayogs can keep you safe from these and will destroy the bad effects of these

Chant Hanuman Chalisa 21 times in a Hanuman temple offering 2 Ladoos with Tulsi, Incense Stick and Diya chanting your name in Tulsidas Sada Hari Chera in place of Tulsidas

Give offerings to Pitrus and Kul Devi Devtas and to make them strong and offer water to them and every morning remember your Kul Devi Devta and do Pranam taking their name 5 times and then rubbing your palms on your face.

Now the Amal for removing any sort of harmful Tantra be it howsoever old and powerful.

Kul vallah hussammad lam yam valid dayafay jinn khabis shaitan aasheb ya ali ya ali ya ali murtaza hak baahukm nuray mohhamad musmin kuraeen

This is a potent and very very secretive Amal and from Peero Murshid culture.

Just chant this amal 3 times and clap your hands 3 times above your head for protection.

Chant this Amal 3 time on glass of water and drink that water and you will get relief.

There are different uses also with this Amal, which I will publish in future posts.

If anyone has severe black magic problem or of business or house affected by black magic business not doing well then please feel free to contact me through the contact form. 


  1. Pranam..
    I have been fed tantrik items to make me zero.. Even though kundali show good patch.. Nothing works..
    How to remove from my system all the things inside..
    I do have sarpa dosh.. Rahu in eight house..

  2. Hi Mr.abhijeet,i am just an avid reader of this site.sorry to hear about your problem.did u notice that in the article kaviraj sir had provided his e mail address.and i am sure that kaviraj sir can provide u with a solution.take care mr.abhijeet


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