Talisman of Mars for Enemy Destruction and Good Fortune

In this post, I have written about an enemy destruction talisman that apart from destroying the enemy and put an end to the problems coming from him once and for all also fulfills the wishes and desires of the practitioner and makes him wealthy and prosperous.

This talisman having two very important uses or benefits is a Yantra or Muslin Wazifa or Naksh. This Wazifa is also connected to astrology because it has to be practiced on a Tuesday during the specific period or Hora of Mangal Graha or the Planet Mars.

The Yantra / Wazifa experiment for destruction of an enemy and attracting good fortune, wealth, material comforts and fulfilling wishes and desires can be practiced using the procedure given below.

Enemy Destruction and Good Fortune Attraction Wazifa of Mangal Graha

1] The practitioner should have a bath early in the morning on a Tuesday and get the talisman prepared on a square piece of copper.

2] Then, during the Hora of Mars or Mangal Graha, he should go to an abandoned old well that is not being used and throw the talisman inside that well.

3] Then, he should go back to his house without glancing back over his shoulders.

The specific timing of this Paranormal Remedy is most important because it is specifically practiced during the Hora of Mars, which can easily be ascertained by consulting the local almanac or Panchang.

As per Indian and Western Astrology, the Planet Mars is among many other attributes and qualities is also connected to physical energy, vitality, ego, strength, physical powers, bravery and courage and war and the destruction of enemies.

The Hindi language video of this Yantra Upay to attract good fortune and prosperity and destroy enemies can be seen on our YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YzZKHYJO4Q 

Notes- Guidelines
1] The numerical of this Wazifa are in the Urdu language, they can also be written in the Hindi or English language or your mother tongue.

2] The letters on the top of this Wazifa are – ٧٨٦ or 786 and ٩ or 9 elsewhere.

3] You can also get the Wazifa prepared prepared on copper by a  professional engraver.

4] There is no need to write the name of the enemy below the Wazifa and if you have more than on enemies, a separate Wazifa has to be prepared for each one of them.

5] There is no form of worship or any other paranormal ritual that is prescribed for this Prayog. 


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