How to Remove Side Effects of Voodoo Spells

In this post, I have published a mail for a reader who firmly believes that she is a victim of some most powerful voodoo black-magic spells and appears to be in some sort of mental turmoil and wishes for a quick and fast working remedy to exorcise the after effects of the voodoo spells.

The best option in such a case is to remove the accumulated negative energies and cleanse the mind of the negative thought forms that have entered the mind and are trying to take hold of the mind.

The first and most important step is to add a fistful of rock salt to the bath water, while having a bath in the morning. This simple remedy to remove negativity has been described in this post- Rock Salt Remedies to Remove the After Effects of Psychic Attacks

This rock salt remedy has been described in point number 3 of that post. It is not necessary to practice the remedies mentioned in points number 2 and 3.

It is better to temporarily stop practicing all paranormal remedies, including Mantra and Yantra Remedies and the remedies of any God or Goddess, including the chanting of any Mantra, Prayer or the practice of any ritual.

In short, this person should immediately stop all paranormal and religious activity and whenever she experiences fear, dread or any other mental or physical sensation, she should not attempt to forcibly stop it or remove it from her mind but follow the steps mentioned in the recent post on - How to Remove Yakshini, Apsaras and other entities from your mind

The mail from this reader of our site has been published below. This reader and other readers of can follow the simple steps mentioned above so as to get immediate relief from the psychological problems described by this reader.

How to Remove Side Effects of Black Magic

Dear Neel Sir,
I am a regular reader of your site Can you please suggest a remedy where a person is experiencing the extreme negative effects of a spell put on her to meet a true soul mate, in which help was taken by her from two people for marriage related matters and these people are into black magic and in an effort to remove this spell, the female has burnt a few things and is now getting a burning sensation in her entire body especially in the private parts, root, sacral and heart chakra and moving up towards the crown and at the same time is feeling connected to both her parents and is experiencing fear and getting messages associated with death and actual occurrences of death of near and dear ones.

Also, the various remedies tried seem to keep adding to the original ones and it's as if the body's divided into two halves one experiencing positive effect and the other negative but nothing seems to be working where different areas of life are concerned.

And these people have evoked Hindu as well as Muslim god's and goddesses. Kindly provide a remedy. May send the details if required.

Looking forward to your reply.


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