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Real Experiences of Yakshini and other Sadhana

Many people mistakenly believe that Yaksh, Yakshini, Pishach, Pishachini Yogini and Apsara Sadhanas can be practiced in the same manner as other Hindu Devotional Mantra Sadhanas. These people do not know about the dangers of invoking these mystical beings who are many times more powerful than the normal ghost or spirit.

Whereas, it is true that some very advanced Sadhaks and Yogis have mastered such Mantras Sadhanas, but these are the most highly evolved practitioners of the paranormal.

Some other Yogis and Sadhus who were successful in invoking such mystical beings, either lost their lives or their mental balance and ended up as lunatics.

I have heard from authentic sources that some very famous and renowned astrologers and psychics who had mastered past, present and future knowing Sadhanas lost everything in the end and met an unpleasant end.

True Real Life Experiences Yakshini Yogini and Apsara Sadhanas

The most famous of such future knowing Mantra Sadhanas is the Karna Pishachini Sadhana. This site has published several posts over the past many years, which describe various methods of invoking the Karna Pishachini and making her whisper the past present and future in the ear of the practitioner.

Actually invoking the Karna Pishachini is a very rare occurrence and even if anyone does really succeeds in invoking the Karna Pishachini that Sadhak has to be ready to face the side effects and these can be dangerous and life threatening.

Many Sadhaks do not actually succeed in invoking any Veer Yaksh, Yakshini, Pishach, Pishachini Yogini and Apsara Yaksh, Yakshini, Pishach, Pishachini Yogini and Apsara but mistakenly believe that they have done so and start hallucinating. This happens because the mind is such an instrument that it is fully capable of deceiving you and making you experience something that can be termed as a kind of virtual reality, which is taking place only in the mind.

However, I do not wish to discourage potential Sadhaks because, I have personally not attempted the Karna Pishachini or some of the other Sadhanas mentioned above and am not in a position to share my personal experiences.

However, one thing, I can say for sure and that is from personal experience that, if you chant the Mantra of certain Yakshinis, like the Padmini, Shankini or Hastini, you will start attracting a woman or many women who possesses the qualities of that particular Yakshini.

Another thing that, I can say from my own personal experiences is that when you are trying to invoke a particular mystical being, there is the likelihood of a conflict between that being and another being who is already present near you or is protecting you or is near you for some unknown reason, without your knowledge.

Some years back, I was chanting the Mantra of a feminine mystical entity and was is a semi conscious state when that being appeared, but it was forcibly driven away by another feminine being about whom, I still do know anything. What I saw in the semi conscious state was that the being whom, I was trying to invoke was physically beaten back by the other being.

I have also seen the Atma and the nature and appearance of the Atma or the Soul is very different from what is normally portrayed or described everywhere. The Atma can be described as a smaller or miniature version of the Universal Being or God. However, I would not like to share this experience in detail at this period of time.

Most people have some deity or guardian angle who protects and guides them, however, most people are unaware of this fact. I have had the experience of the protective deity speaking to me in my ear once. However, I will not divulge at this point of time what was spoken into my ear.

In the near future, I will be sharing more of my own personal experience with the paranormal, in coming posts,

Readers can share their own authentic personal experiences or encounters with the mystical being mentioned above in the comments section or through the comments section, if you wish to publish it as a separate post. Your name, email or other personal details will not be shared with anyone without your consent.
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  1. I am curiously waiting to hear about your personal expereinces :)

  2. But Guruji,i have heard that Apsara Sadhanas are not so fearful like yaksha,yakshinis,veer,betaal,karna pishachinis,kaam pishachinis, it true?

    1. Very few people have actual experience about all these Sadhanas, so everything is unclear.
      An apsara is also a most powerful being and there are different kinds of apsaras, so it is unclear.

  3. Namastay Guru ji
    Guru ji Please mughe apka contact no dijiye....

  4. I have experienced by Shakti Sadhana. At the age of 17 first time I requested something from our divine mother, Para Shakti and she gave me, but it was against someone's will. So, later I felt regrate myself and then return her what she gave me. From that day onward my bonding is getting stronger day by day. Now I am at the age of 40. In between sometime I used to be upset by her and sometime I feel most happiest. Even today if I ask her something realistic which is not against the nature she give me in a few days. I also do mantra sadhana but not to fulfill my any desire. My sadhana is unconditional, I just want me to feel her presence.
    In my opinion one should choose and practice only one mantra, no need to get confused by many mantras. A single mantra is having so much power which is beyond one expectation. Mantra Sidhi is required to get such experience. Mantra Sidhi will happen if you listen to your heart, because your soul will communicate you through your heart. Along with this some other procedure is also their to get mantra sidhi and to communicate with her.

    1. Sanjeevji, I need ur help for my mother's health issues, please don't say NO, kindly contact me on, please I beg u please

  5. I worship Mother Goddess Kali and though I was aware of so many mantras of Maa Kalike yet was not being satisfied by chanting them. And, during this situation one day during my worship to Maa Kalike I wished that I wish to get a mantra which is really dear to my Maa Kalike and this wish was coming from my heart. And to my surprise, I got the mantra directly from Maa Kalike while sleeping though She was not present there in my dream but it was being confirmed in the dream that the mantra is being given directly by my Maa Kalike.
    While analyzing that mantra, I could come to understand that no mantra can be better for me than that one since it was containing all those Bija Mantras through which deities I had reached to my Maa Kalike.

    1. why dont u share it then ? ma kali refrained u from doing so ?

    2. BN verma sir, kya aap mue guide kar sakate ho? can u reveal mantra for others or u r not supposed to share per Ma kali direction?

  6. Guru ji some 4 yrs back, I was very tense for situations at my home. To get a solution I came to this site. I found a yakshini mantra which was to be recited while on bed before sleeping & until the sleep with full devotion & it was said that yakshini would tell the solution of problems in dream. I did as told in the procedure approximately 10 minutes had passed when my toes then legs became numb & started vibrating fast, seconds later the vibrations & an unknown force began to be felt in my upper body as well. At that time i became awake but couldn't move any of my limb at all. I was in conflict whether to continue the experience or to abort from here to avoid any negative consequences. Seconds later I was afraid & chose the second option & called my mother & father who were in adjacent room. I was 20 age but couldn't sleep alone that night. Since then I never tried any complicated & shortcut mantra

    1. It is also called "sleep paralysis". mantra changes your body functions. it happens when you body try do new things. for example. you have chanted a mantra which is not your daily routine, for example going to gym also bring this experience for some days, then it will be alright. it also happens when you sleep in greater height like house's terrace.

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    1. Brother,
      I liked the informations given by you. There are many things which are hidden from the common man. But the rich will always have opportunity to have first hand experience about even these mystic beings. Thats the power of money. The common man nowadays is dont even know names of gods and is in the back of girls and latest gadgets and material things in the market. I completely agree what you have said about these lower beings sadhana(lower only when compared to gods). Its always better not to do their sadhana as it will prevent one from getting moksha and also has lots of side effects. They are also not forgiving like mother goddess or gods. Its always better to go directly to dashmahavidya sadhana or sometging like that as it will give evrything. And can even make one superior to these semi divinne deities

    2. Neel Sir, I believe "Chris SoulHacker" who commented on "RatiPriyA Yakshini Sadhana" was telling the truth- he did attain the Siddhi of the Sadhana. Can you please make him share some more story that happened on him, for the gratification of all the readers on this site?

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    5. Redirect her to me and I will handle the rest. Never ever get into all these entities ever again

    6. @ ashish kaplesh. This is called random experience not a real fact. They call before going to bed ? come on !!! why dont you share your experience. because, you have not seen any yakshini or apsara. i have shared mine true from my heart. Personally , what you have dealt with yakshini or apsara? please. share what type of yakshini or apsara. hidden society. you made me laugh. if i had yakshini or apsara siddthi , why i want to sell it to other people. this is pure lie that yakshini or apsara can given to others. this is the reason why many fake tantrics now a days. May be tantric can make some arrangement to doll/yantra/jars to work for other people like attracting money. it is also temporary. Please share your experience what happened when you chant and other thing. Many people get diksha (initiation). they have to sit and chant to get the yakshini or apsara after that. Not that diksha will give siddhi.

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    8. @ ashish kaplesh

      Thanks for reply. i already told that i have got experience in kundalini yoga. If ask me when i got this initiation, i can tell at age of 17.
      Basically, my forefathers were the both doctor and tantric in the king's assembly. My mom used told the story about their fore father tantras, that my forefather can cure the snake bite with simple water. In modern world, no one going to believe. I too was like that before initiation of kundalini yoga. In our native village, still palm leaves were there for medicinal herbs and now it is all being destroyed. I don’t how to read too.
      Coming to questions. This post clearly mentioned that share your experience. You just said succubus. apsara as fallen angels. Be logical about your answers. If you have experience, say one by one without revealing mantra. What experience you got.

      I already told that these are my experience, i visited / called to tantrics to know what real fact is. And posted information what i have gained and shared here. Even if i copy paste, which i never did. i told that I have taken from here. Because, i clearly stated it is statements from other tantrics.

      If i open logical questions, please answer to that logically. You said that “they will provide you whatever you want". Then why tantric sell these apsara/entities in vessel to other. why apsara or yakshini dont give anything?
      "Anyone can do any sadana". I clearly stated that deva nakshatra is suitable for apsara. Because they can come easily, never said negative on the no one can do other sadana. Then why one of guru bhai beaten by brahma raksha. lol. he didn’t know the basic rule how to make protection circle of himself.

      You said “Apsara are not from heaven”. oh god. yes, she from local reliance market. urvashi being kick out from heaven every week with other entities and these tantric captures them every day. Today you made me good day.
      You said "Lot of people misguided here". Then guide here! not for me, but for readers who want some basic knowledge.

    9. May be i dont know the basic of tantra. but, i if learn, i come out to help people with my knowledge. Not saying don’t do that. my answer would be do this apsara or yakshini, they are not harm full. I will help other what is real fact is.

      You are brahmin. Alright, according to sastra, born in brahminical family, does not make a person a brahmin. brahmins must not speak lie, other conditions are there. dont go to work for other like Shudra. etc.
      Visvasmitra is born kstiriya and went to became the greatest rishi, also called brahma maharishi. Anyone can become brahmin by proper training.
      Why you tried to invoke yakshini or apsara ?. you had any intentions? if i were you , i can clearly say that i want finish some sexual thirst and some gold coins etc. I expecting your answer on this definitely.

      Sorry if i hurted you with these questions. In today’s world, even a kid can ask these questions.

      Tantra and mantra should be to open to others. what is real science behind. Already, we have lost many tantras, like this dont do that, this and all.

      I asked you to share your experience for example from day 1.
      Finally, i never asked you about apsara or yakshini sadana from you. i never will.
      Lord krishna guiding me all the way though my life. You are not. If I were you, actually done sadhana in proper way, i will tell, apsara will appear like these, they wear these kind of dresses, they shape shift like this, they spoke to me like this. they gave this food and clothes etc. instead of that, i wont tell other dont do that and creating unwanted panic to common people. Even that apsara siddhi lost , ill take another apsara. Lol. I want people to get benefited.

      I believe tantra and mantra are real, if it is uplift common people life, I ill definitely share to them those who are really interested.

      how many yakshini sadana and apsara sadana you have done ?
      lets do the math ! 1 apsara/yakshini requires 10 day to 6 month. Lets say, 72 types of yakshini are there according my knowledge and more than 1000 apsara type are there. Have you done all these sadhana. then your age must above 200 hundred now.

      I said yakshini / apsara are different! Their qualities are different. Please tell what yakshini sadana/apsara sadana you have done, got bad experience. This creates red alert to other people. Instead of the dont do that will not guide people. You said you got initiation from your guru. Why guru revealed yakshini sadhana to you. Because you were interested at that time? Be open here that you have not done all yakshini or apsara sadana.

      Okay. I asked my questions. Waiting for answers!!!

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. @ ashish kaplesh

      I already said that you have not seen yakshini. Now, You proved again and accepted the failure and have failed miserably. Please share the yakshini name, other will get alert to do that yakshini. I said yakshini name only.
      Coming to questions !!!
      I asked you clearly . if someone got yakshini/apsara siddhi, why you need to sell to other to gain money. Yakshini can provide food, gold, and clothes. Etc.
      Your answers are not acceptable since you are telling now that these spirits are available ten time more than human beings. Previously you said that, apsara are fallen angels that being kicked from heaven with other entities. I think, you are joking of me.
      Alright, “you are saying now that sex with spirit is hundred times more that human being. (Experienced gather through coven).” It clearly shows that spirit/yakshini/apsara didn’t not harmed the person who summoned. Because you spoke to them and gained their experiences.
      I already told “not every yakshini and apsara are same”. The problem is what yakshini type you are tried to invoke.
      As per my research, out of 72, or 64 – more than 32 yakshini are pretty much safe to practice.
      You are may be talking about the yakshini which required to visit graveyard to practice. Some yakshini cannot take form but can speak to you in ears.
      For example , dhanda yakshini is pretty much safe to practice.
      Why you are creating an annoying panic situations to others. You have failed, that means, others not to do that sadhana. People are different here, let others to do their own test, what is happening to them.
      That good tantric ready to give one yakshini for free which requires 18 to 22 days to do that sadhana. But , it requires to site under the jackfruit tree and some pooja materials.
      He clearly mentioned, how will I get siddthi!!
      Here what he said “ After chanting for 18 / 22 days the yakshini will come and grab you foot toe and top head hair. Your body will start to get pain in either thigh or shoulder. Speak to you in your ear.” She can be used for getting information about others. For example, if you are astrologer, it will be benefit to know what they visit you, what are their background etc.
      Actually, this yakshini is tested by him and revealed my past and present life while I interviewed. I said wow at that time. Because some incidents are known to me only and family.
      This kind of yakshini are useful getting information only. But, taking something from other places, this yakshini cannot do.
      Some limitations seen in yakshini too.

    12. @ashish kaplesh

      I already told, copper, silver and yantras are came after the mining industries were emerged. I never said, yantra were not used, they used in only temples. Previously palm leaves and cows ashes were used to draw geometry of deities. You can connect one or more palm leaves to make triangles. You can make doll and small hand fan also now. Lol.
      If I talk more about this, I can talk more than you, I have collected more information from the real people. i cannot reveal one by one. I have my own research too.
      Lets do math once again. For energizing yantra plate, you have to chant more than 1 lakh times. Any good tantric can create only 3 to 4 yantra maximum for one month. Even he chants 10,000 chant per day. Do calculate yourself. Yearly, he can create 30 to 50 yantra for other. Yantra should be properly energized and it needs more time.
      But, what in reality, yantra are being sold over tv and other media. How can single tantric can create thousands of yantra in short time. Because he is cheater. Asking money from thousand to lakhs for yantras. Even online shop is there.
      Funny thing is that, yantra are like printed like stamp. Yantra must be drawn in hand in “proper time”. Leave it here. I have no time to spend on this subject to write comment. This requires more time.
      What type of spirit or entities you have currently ?
      You may be practiced, voodo, wiccan, hoodoo.
      Etc, I also practiced, cooking, booking hotel in app, hitchhiking etc., It is so funny you know.
      May be you can impress other fellow who don’t know about something. Iam not the one here. iam already in to kundalini yoga which is different stage. You may need other entities to work for you. Yogi conditions are different, attaining siddthi. Example , Prapti-Siddhi allow you to take object even it is from 1000 kilometers.
      Iam not saying here that iam yogi. Yogi is one who attained Ashta Siddhi. But, I trying. Again I repeat, iam trying.
      Finally, iam not confused with lot of things. You are confusing other with lot of things.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. There is no such things all this is in your mind. Why approaching a politician to get a thing done , when one can do it by oneself. All one need is sincere dedication and hard work. Do not take help from anybody even God or Goddess as everything has a price. The more you ask from these entities, the more inferior one will become. Only you can make your life hell or heaven , its all in the choices you make.

    1. If you don't believe then why are you here reading tantra? Don't take it either I am asking this as I am doubting failure of any sadhana conducted by you. Intially I thought these are game of mind so I started counselling (self) as I studied Psychology. But I got the prof during meditation. If I could forward that I would definitely do that LOL

  9. I believe in spirit weather it is a good or evil.. from my personal experience....

  10. I want to share my experience with you readers. But, please know that I have done shree sadhana which is differ from apsara and yakshini sadhana. I have actually came across this site after research about experience and I found that have done some kind of Lakshmi sadhana. Sure, I can explain one by one.
    Alright, here is real incidents that happened to me.
    See, I have already done kundalini yoga (chakras) etc., but not in tantras. For financial issue, So, I tried to do Lakshmi sadana and that mantra contain word “shreem”.
    I have not purchased any special pooja materials. I used simple lakshimi photo with diya. Oil I used was pancha deep oil ( oil that contains 5 other oils such sesame, ghee, groundnut etc.). please note, “I had not used any flowers and dhoop” too. Just photo and diya mostly. rarely I used dhoop and it was sometimes only . Lets say on Friday only.
    Okay. I actually chanted about 1000 in mornings and 1000 in evening. It was also not properly, I used wake up around 6 clock. But I try to continue. Sometimes, I even started to chant on 11 am too.
    Dream I received was noted carefully by me. Because it was so real in my experience.
    On first few days, no experience, after week I think, elephant and ostrich like bird was tried to hit me. I woke from the bed, and it was around 3 am to 4 am. After a month later, one of my uncle died, I went and finished the mourning period. I think 5 days gap and I hadn’t able to chant. Then I started again, same procedure. But different dreams came
    I was drinking wine/alcohol in dream. But I am not drinker in real life. Started to see mountains and I climb up there. Lotus flower thrown at me in dreams Etc.,
    After one and half month later, I got cool air from the top of head. it was so good. My chant was nearing one lakh, at that time I have not able to sit for long time like before. As you know that chanting mantra takes 1 to 2 hour time for 1000 japa and it also varies for different mantra. But my financial situations improved and my business went good. After, I turned my interest towards business and left sadhana without proper completion.
    After two months after japa period ( I mean no chant over two months afterwards) , I wake up in morning and I smelled both smoke and nice fragrance around me.
    Remember that fragrance was not perfume that we buy in the market. it was so divine , I cannot resist the fragrance. Sweet rose smell I cannot explain in words. It was like someone is spraying scent in your nose.
    I cross check with my washing powder and other dhoop materials. It was nothing matching. Because I had doubt about my clothes that used. Great thing is that my family members also felt that rose smell. They said smell is from other home near using dhoop and ignored my words.
    Later dream was number of beautiful girls surround me. I was in the top floor room and girl were waiting for me outside.

    1. Lakshmi sadhana? can anyone do her sadhana as mother or wife or sister?

  11. Fragrance again followed me. While I go for walking, when I cross some trees near temple, same rose scent thrown at me and I was actually walking on the road. I cross checked many times. Remember that, I never used perfume or any other scent related materials.
    Till now, sometimes. I feel that rose smell when I cross the tree. Again I rechecked, I was away from hometown, and walking on the street and felt that same divine rose smell. I looked around the place, it was banana tree only. How it is possible? Sometime, I thought may be the tree contains some flowers that can create fragrance. But banana tree ? I came to know that someone is following me.
    Yes, I had erotic experience too, I don’t know whether I can share here or not.
    I never know that mantra that contain “shreem” bring this experience. I researched about little bit and came to know about apsara and yakshini.
    Till now, I get the smell but only rarely. I don’t know it is protection or not.
    Other things I noticed that i have come across the coins many times. Yes, I usually find it often, but I don’t take. Mostly on buses, when I get seat, coins are there. It was someone left. Though it is like one or two rupees. One time I saw the euro coin when I get in to ola cab. But I didnt take it.
    Alright , after my interest turned towards yakshini and apsara. I contacted many gurus about apsara and yakshini. I see every so called guru is trying to sell their product. I asked one question and everybody fake guru saying some blah blah and don’t opened the real fact that whether they have seen the yakshini/apsara or not. Always try to push the product for money.
    Some guru frankly speak about and ready to give mantra for free. But , these apsara and yakshini sadana required separate place. But, I actually done my sadhana in home with my family members watching tv on other room. It was not so serious. I don’t know it requires many pooja materials to satisfy the god.
    Okay , I read many cross reference about the yakshini and apsara. Here is the details I found. And from many tantric statement from kerala are given below.
    Apsara and yakshini are different.
    Yakshini are tree goddess mostly. Not terrible spirits. You can see mostly the ritual requires to sit under tree and chant mantra. many people confused here with karna pichasi yakshini. Yakshini are different types and different in nature.
    There is strong misconception that kubera is king for yakshini. Actually, lord shiva given boon to kubera to look after wealth after many years of mediations. So, before that yakshini are present too. For example, lord shiva can control over every bhoot, ghost. Do we think shiva is bad. No, it is not like that, kubera can control yakshini. Kubera is yaksha and he has other special qualities.
    Another funny misconception that, yakshini will take your life after death. Yakshini are female demi goddess only. There is no male there. Yakshini cannot do that. Yakshini worship only for men mostly.
    For example, many tantric worship many god and goddess, then who will responsible after death. Answers is those who is in top. For example, you worship lord shiva and yaksha or spirits. After death, shiva’s attendant came and take your life to shiva loka, and similarly narayana devotees to vaikutha. These spirits cannot do anything about it. Yakshini were used only for protecting treasure. Note that “ yakshini are different in qualities just like bad and good human. it is your choice to choose the yakshini.”
    Okay. I have gathered information’s from some kerala tantric and other who are well versed in invoking yakshini. Most of them open to some point and some denied to tell everything.

  12. Yakshini are real. But mostly, they love sex. Those tantrics worships them as mother or daughter. But they said some yakshini always try to be wife when you invoke them to the worshiper because they love sexual act. Yakshini can be dangerous those who don’t control over semen. It is not that, all yakshini will grab your energy and drain you. Yakshini loves sexual act and you lose semen. This is the way you lose your energy.
    After my research, why many yogi and swami had not these issues. The secret is they are control over ejecting semen. In kundalini tantra , there is act called root look it has some other name like “MOOLA BANDHA” . You can prevent leakage of semen by doing this act.
    What about yakshini is not manifesting for many people.
    Many people tried yakshini sadana. Why many people fails. Some tantric told me that people usually sit and finishing mantra will work. It was wrong misconception. You should know about the chakra especially agya (thirdeye) chakra for chanting mantra and it reaches deity lives and triggers deity to manifest before us. It is like sending our mantra chants to their world to turn towards us. More over like calling bell in the home. Pooja materials always help especially flowers and incense to make them happier to appear before us.
    While chanting some mantra, you can feel the sensation that someone is typing in your head. It is also clear sign that mantra is working for you.
    Yakshini may be highly possessive like most female. Even earthly girl want to his lover to be near most of the time. So, yakshini worshipper mostly avoid family life. They get food and dress whatever they want from yakshini.
    Protection circle is in charka points. According to kundalini tantra “anahata chakra” deal with fear in the heart. If you have strong chakra energy you will face any bad situation with ease. For example, when you hear blast at diwali time , you will find that your heart will blow for second, it will recover slowly. But if you have strong anahata chakra , you will not face these consequences. This is just an example how fear affects your body.
    Similarly, these goddess cannot affect your body, if you have strong energy. For example, Buddha has strong and smooth energy point over many kilometer. Even tiger avoided to hunt animal with those energy. Lord Buddha disturbed by many entities like apsara and yaksha etc.
    Kundalini yoga play an important role in manifesting deity before us. Without activating chakra, you can chant thousands of times and results will be like 50 percent. Getting some results and not getting yakshini in real form.
    Most people don’t have patience. You should read the history, ravana meditated for many years to see lord siva. Many rishis mediated for years to see the beloved deity. But, here people don’t spend months for chanting. They just want quick results like withdrawing money from atm.
    While chanting, you are prepared to see the results. Just focus only on mantra, result will come later.
    Whole purpose of human life to get Moksha or surrender to god. If you want family life, then go ahead just with worship. If you keep on increasing family circles, you are slipping from Moksha for sure. That why many yogis and rishis avoid to family and live in the forest.
    Above things are from tantrics and I ll try to experiment over these yakshini or apsara sadhana later. Please note the warning that, if you are alone or divorced and want to some companion for life time. You can try these yakshini sadana. But, if you want family along with yakshini, then problem will be sure.
    Some common questions were answered by some good tantrics for my questions
    1 ) how yakshini/apsara know the languages of worshipper.

    1. Hey did you do apsara or yakshini sadhana afterwards ?

  13. These are powerful entities, they exist before we came to earth. They understand all our language and get languages pattern from our mind. Thats why yakshini/apsara can read your mind. Some time they read your memory from the past and present you see. For example , karna yakshini can tell you past and present from your mind. You may forget, but your mind stored information. But, these yakshini also fails to predict the future sometimes.
    2) Is yantra required for invoking these deities like apsara or yakshini
    Previously, these goddess were used for personal benefit only. For example, Vasishtha sage had divine cow for giving food to people in their gurukula only. There is no easy availability of copper or gold. Even gold is mostly used by kings only. But today, these copper mining industry make the availability of copper and other materials easy.
    Palm leaves were used for yantra and writing scriptures. Gold and other important material yantra were used for temples only. Yantra is not mostly required but mantra is main key to get the deity. Some tantric sell yantra, but it will fail most of the time. Alternatively, yantra can store your chants , lets say you have chanted about 50,000 and you got a gap for many days, you can start again energizing yantra where you left etc.,
    If you are invoking yakshini and apsara for personal use only, there is no problem mostly. If you use for Vasikara, marana, uttchadana ( he meant ashta karma). Then problem will come. The problem is these goddess don’t want to be like slave ! especially apsaras. Yakshini can do most of tantric work, but it is only for advanced controlled tantric.
    He also told, many tantrics faced the adverse effect of using yakshini against advanced spiritual human. Mostly yakshini and other goddess will attack the people with low spiritual protection. If that human is spiritual advanced, he/she simply remove the blocks by chanting mantra. And that yakshini will show the angry towards that tantric who sent them.
    Why problem created during chanting
    Some good tantric said. It is not because of deities most of the time. Yes. Any god / Goddess will test sometimes, but it happens lastly. First, because of the nakshatra that he/she born. Second problem is because of 9 ruling planet gods. When we chant, we are out of their control and getting the desire boon

    1. In some Tantric Sadhana, it is stated that the Sadhak should apply a Tilak on the Yantra of the deity before mantra chanting. Does the Yantra in this case mean a photo instead of a geometric diagram? And if this is an Apsara Sadhana, what can this action mean or what does a Sadhak do this for?

  14. which is not our fate list. He also told that, many times these ruling planet affect the one who is trying to get moksha or attaining power from higher deities. Because, these devas will not work for them and afraid of meditator too. For example, sage vishwamitra is good example that he was meditating to call brahma for boon. Lord indra sent apsara to disturb the meditation. He also mentioned that control over breath, that is our breath is ruling key for planet. If you control your breath low and sometimes less/no air in our nose. Ruling planets will lose the energy to control us. It is another topic of pranayama…
    Coming to nakshatra. It is almost key point. In marriage point of view, there is matching called “gana koota matching”. There are three gana mentioned, manushya, deva and Rakshas gana, if you are born in aries zodiac and your nakshatra (star) is ashwini. Then you are having deva Gana. You can approach apsara mostly. Because they are devas. But if you are born in Rakshas gana star. Then pichasini , bhoota worshiping is easier for you. Then manushya gana, they can go for apsara yakshini etc.,
    Thought it is seen for marriage, but it is also you and devas for life time matching.
    For example, if you have star which has deva gana, then if you worshing pichasini or other bhutha mantra, you will face different effects like scary sounds and different scary dreams. Though, it is not that you will not get desired, but takes time.

    Overall, he mentioned that, some can do vashikaran best, some can do other karma because of this variations.
    There many other topics about rishi, chandas, devata, were discussed.
    Okay alright, these are my experience with mantra. Right now iam looking for perfect time and place for experimenting with apsara and yakshini. Ill share experience with if deity allows. Yes, sometimes you should not break promises from these deities too.
    At last, I asked some tantric to show yakshini, they said she will come to personal only. That is those who worshipped them. Mostly in night time. They can come in day time too, but only for that person who invoked her.

  15. May be he is not lied to me and explained many things clearly. Some advice of him are follows. 1 ) Yakshini and apsara are real. Yakshini can stay with worshipper, but apsara are not, they usually free to roam and not to control. Usually apsara stay for some time and try to escape if that tantric is bad in intentions. Yakshini can harm other and obey commands to worshipper.
    2) Don’t try to do these sadhana if you don’t have separate place. All your chant will be waste of time. This requires separate room or other place where no one disturbs.
    3 ) Try to chant mantra from your agya chakra ( eye brow center). Take bath twice daily. Also practice with mooladhara chakra if you get head ache.
    4) Chant atleast 90 days to see the mantra is working or not. He also mentioned that, sometimes you don’t see any sign of appearance after 1 lakh chant. Just go ahead, keep chanting. Don’t be like I have chanted 1,25,000, , why this apsara or yakshini is not appearing . Keep the flow, you will feel your body going on trance stages. You will know the difference. Some requires havan.
    5) Sometimes, apsara and yakshini choose you!!! This is so different! if you are so manly and looking beautiful in appearance. They chooses you quickly and try to appear. If you are enough old, they try to show to black images or shadow images or white smokes etc. Yes, even earthly girl want nice man for marring, why don’t that beautiful apsaras, yakshini . I thought in my mind, it is very valid point. He told me that these sadhana come success with unmarried people most of the time too. Because he is younger. We had talk about mohini too. Mohini is mostly used for vashikaran for many tantrics.
    6) If you are afraid of these goddess. Just do Ganeshsa, shiva or vishnu mantra for attain siddhi, then do this kind of sadhana.
    7) If any tantric ask money for giving apsara or yakshini, just stay away from him. At the same time, if a tantric don’t ask money and receive whatever you offered. Learn from him. Best thing to give is silk cloth like dhoti with fruits etc.,

    1. How long it will take for a normal spiritually inclined human being to attain and experience this? Are they going to tell about out previous lives and future ?

  16. Alright that is enough. I asked too much questions to the good tantrics. lol. Please, don’t spread rumors about yakshini and apsara are bad without so called experiences. Just post your experience and let other to read. Choosing right yakshini and apsara is the great deal.
    Finally, I try my best to give what I experienced. Please, share your experience without hiding anything. May be someone will gain something in future. There is no point on saying don’t do that, it is risk etc.,
    Experience and seeing goddess in real time is different thing. Many successful people made promises to apsara or yakshini that not to reveal more information etc. that’s why they hide.

    1. Wow . Your explanation of experiences are so intriguing. Very nice to read . Thank you for sharing ur experiences. Knowledge about such things are precious and secret which many people don’t know. Thanku

    2. Hi Spiritual Speaker, this is gr8 naration. Read each and every word of your description. I would want to try this for knowledge purpose. Could you please help me with a mantra that I can chant...

    3. Spiritual seekar
      Please send yakshini, apsara yantra image and procedures

    4. @ dj . this site has lot of mantra. why dont you try any one of them. Prepare your body for chanting. first test is, can you sit in a place for one hour. For example, chant mantra " om or aum" for one hour. self test that can you sit for hour? and then go for long mantra. people say, i can chant, but reality is continuing these mantra chants for three months atleast. i shared my experience because, these mantra and tantra is not fake. may i dont get the real time seeing of apsara or yakshini, because i was not serious. but i got good result from it. self test yourself . tell the experience.

    5. @AnAnD's . please, read the my experience once again. i have not practiced apsara or yakshini mantra. though, ill try them when i get place and time because, i live with my family. this required isolate place. i chanted mantra with word shreem. my house people even dont know the words. but they heard from other room. they thought simple meditations. if i chant urvashi. they will definitely ask why you are chanting urvashi. if you have a room and place where no one disturbs. you can go ahead to test yourself. I already told. yantra made of some materials, like gold, copper. lets think practically, you have to create copper plate yantra, what will you do. the condition is you must not buy. practically speaking, you have to dig below ground and getting the ore, then you have to process the ore to get small gram of copper. honestly speaking. those days, that is not possible because no industry where there. they used palm leaves for writing yantra, even mantra notes. Kings were having gold and other materials too.Normal middle class people were used sand pot for cooking. iam not saying yantra were not used. But that fact that, these material cannot be obtain easily from the earth.but, think of our time. every thing is available like salt. we are buying and using the yantra plate. Key is mantra. yantra is the practice for giving to other people mostly. Yantra materials has some years value. say copper - three years, silver -5 year to 7 year, gold - 12 and 15 years. these yantra were used below the deities in the temple too. you can see the celebration of "samprokshanam". it is more likely refersh! that is deity / yantra to energize after 12 years. Mantra and deity are one and same. if you are invoking with yantra, you have keep praying to yantra and doing all rituals again or again for some time to allow them working. it has some validity too. when you invoke god with own body chakra energy centers, it will stay for lifetime. and you have to chant simple and god/godess is ready there for you. I dont know, why many tantrics selling yantra without energizing. it is like good business. previously, all rishi and yogi just to escape out material to attain moksha. they simply used yakshini for sexual ritual, getting food, herbs, protections from animal in forest and go for higher deity to attain moksha. they dont have bank balance too. They dont need lot of rudraksha mala to pose them as expert. now. wearing lot of rudraksha will make a appearance that he is giant swami in society. Good tantric look simple and you can see peace in their face. They might have gained money from some other services not in the tantric business. Key is mantra, just use simple beautiful photo art of women and pray to test yourself.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Spiritual seeker are those yakshini will manifest in front of you and then do sexual act or will only play with your mind and dream with sexuality?? Plz let me know. If you have any idea of this.

  18. yes. as per interview with good tantric. they said yes. yakshini will manifest in front of you. sexual act is based on your relationship ( lover or wife). mostly they avoid to tell more. but, one tantric shared about mohini. he said about after 4 month of chanting, mohini manifested in real form. she was extremely beautiful wearing white color saree type. wearing sandalwood paste tilak. but, tantric was beginner at that time and afraid to see the real mohini and chanted "ram ram" and mohini went away from him.

    It was not dream. that was real. if you are going to invoke her, first need a separate place most of the case.

    he also said, yakshini will make promises to you based on your mentality too. Better invoke her as daughter or mother or sister. in this case, these position, she need to protect your rather than disturb you.

    Be open to thoughts when you worship, let them know what you want.

    1. If we invoke her as sister or mother, is it still possible to have sex with Yakshini without even asking for it since they love rati? Please reply Sir.

    2. @mohan . my advice is that, please chant the mantra without any intentions. You can say them in your heart as sister. yakshini usually appears before you and ask you what relation you want with yakshini. Control over semen is very important, beginning years it may not be a problem, after getting old, your act may usually turned against you. they are extremely beautiful (that tantric said in expression), you will lose your mind and you may accept her as lover because of that sexual intention. then you will never try to marry earthly girl. Problem is . can you control over semen.? Please, if you are looking for sexual relations only. dont go to yakshini. better spend money to visit legalized sex tourism countries like germany, netherland etc. and finish your sexual thirst with safety precautions. Because, it is better than losing money to fake tantric, because your money! your freedom. if you are looking sexual act from yakshini. better control over semen , it is not play. As per your questions, sister is best choice, they will definitely bring women like damsel from the same yakshini group. Yakshini appear in human form, it does not mean that they will have no power. better control semen ejection is main point. i hope you understand.

    3. Thank you Sir. From the scripture on the net I know your words are right- they can bring the Sadhak other DevaKanya for pleasure. I have just wondered, Are Yakshini powerful enough to bring the Apsaras in Devalok, even the foremost of them like Urvashi or Menaka, to the Sadhak? If so, then worshipping Yakshini as a sister is surely better than invoking any single apsara. Some Yakshini are actually the female God of love, which is Kamadeva. So I believe they will not refuse the Sadhak, if he really wants them on bed. However, just like you said, Keeping one's mind pure is the right mentality, at least during the period of Sadhana. Please make more comments on this. Thank you.

    4. Who's this Mohini who was seen by the tantric? Is she one of the avatara of Lord Vishnu?

    5. Spiritual Seeker,
      Have you found a seperate place for Yakshini/Apsaras Sadhana? I want to know more about the Tantrik who invoked Mohini but let her go finally. I believe your story. Please add me as a contact by my Email: and drop me a line. I also got some information to share. Thank you.

  19. @ mohan i asked too many questions to that tantric more than you ask here. He denied to express more about this and told only these yakshini things are real. These answers are different from what we imagine. may be he is advanced and live without family interaction. he surely taken risk learn these kind of tantra.
    youngsters usually learn this tantra and try to live in family life. thats why he denied. it is for those who are living alone and make the progress to higher deity live shiva and vishu etc.,

    coming to mohini! mohini are different types too. lets say any unmarried girl who attain death before the real death period. for example, by accidents and other suicides. are allowed to be mohini. this mohini will attack the young men and suck the life energy (semen) via aura. Even if affected go to doctor, they will say no problem. but those attack by this kind of mohini surely feel tiredness and their body will go slim. this type mohini also called as "mohini pichasini".
    Other mohini type is from vishu form, they are vishu tatva. they are called real monini not mohini pichachini ( in western world , consider this as succubus. succubus (mohini pichachini) and yakshini are differnt). tantric used mohini to control them for making bond between husband and wife. let say divorce can be avoided due to this.

    You asked about are yakshini powerful enough to bring apsara? In my point of view, yakshini can bring only bring other yakshini or create yakshini. Yakshini usually live in the earthly plane, yakshini can be easily pleased. They live near trees, water pond, safeguard treasures example gold pots. Apsara are from upper loka and they usually visit earth too. they are usually mischievous and dont want to be controlled. they also live near trees , love flowers and perfume materials.

    Another point of mine, we are creating apsara or yakshini element. lets say, urvashi apsara siddhi worked for 10,000 people in earth. will one urvashi appear for 10,000 tantric. it is not like that, each 10,000 tantric created their own urvashi apsara element as apsara and those quality will seen in apsara. Lets say , we have born from our father and mother. our qualities more like to be same but we have unique form ( human) and qualities. one more funny thing is that, we dont listen to our father or mother words. in most cases our father words. lol. we took 10 month to come from our moth's womb. similarly , this apsara mantra creating unique apsaras though we name it as urvashi. i hope understand my point. this yakshini can create other yakshini form which is suitable for you. it is also called deva kanya as per you said. we took 10 month to come out. but yakshini are powerful. enough to create next day. see, this is my point of you. similar mohini etc.,
    In another view, lets say two tantric worship kali goddess. same mantra, same rituals. they got siddhi. A man go to first tantric to do bad things to another man. that affected man go to the second tantric to remove that bad thing. second tantric won over the first tantric and removed the bad things of affected one. why second tantric won. because he used to chant more mantra than first tantric and created the strong kali goddess element than the first man.

    As per scriptures, we can go to various loka (planet) as per our karma. So, our created apsara go to the heaven/ similarly we can to heaven too. Yakshini sadana is attracted because of sexual pleasure. iam not say that it is wrong. but using yakshini as temporary and making ourselves worship to higher deities such as shiva, Vishnu. sexual thoughts are like ice cream, we we taste it more, we hate then later on our life. So, that we can reach higher planet rather than heaven and yaksha loka. Please, share your opinion too.

    1. Thanks for your opinion. My main concern at this moment is that, I'm going to perform a Yakshini Sadhana very soon. Unlike before, I try to do it on a mountain this time. I'm not sure what danger or problem I may come across. There's a deserted little house where I can do the Sadhana and stay for the 7 days of Sadhana period. I don't need to worry about being disturbed by someone. But what about the spirits in the mountain... what care should be taken or prepared? I wonder if there's someone with such an exprerience can share with me...

    2. Hey @Mohan would you like to share your experiences of yakshini sadhana ?

    3. @Spiritual seeker.
      Appreciate your deep research. I also tried yakshini sadhana referred here. But unfortunately I did not achieve success even though I repeated three times the same. Will you please guide?

    4. @Dreamer can you share your exp how you did it?rules followed?

  20. @ mohan. Wow, you got a place in mountain. Separate place. You are lucky.Go ahead and test the mantra. Buy tulasi plant (holy basil) pot and place it outside your house. Another protection- Buy many peacock feathers and place it outside that house. Tulasi plant is sacred plant, it act as protection for you. Peacock feathers also have act as protection for you. Good luck bro. make sure that your room do not have many other materials other than pooja materials. Also note that dreams and other things happening to you. Write in note book it will be useful.
    In my cases, butterfly also came to my home after mantra shreem chant completion. Currently, If think of that mantra, only one “house fly” will come to me. Sit in my hand and computer desk and sometime in my lips. Sometimes, it will die near me. I don’t know, but it keeping come to me when I am sad or think of something in confusion. It also only “one house fly”. It act as totem animal for me. May you will get the totem. Please note the experiences, what happening. It will useful for other if you get succeed. Please share your experiences if you are allowed to do by that yakshini.
    I also pray for you to get success to lord krishna. By the way, I don’t know what yakshini sadana you are doing. Atleast , 1 to 1.5 lakh chants is required to get siddhi,. How you could be chant within 7 seven day. Any way. I hope you will get success. Good luck again bro.

    1. You would never envy me if you know how much time I spent on clearing up that place. It is not only narrow but also moist with a strong smell of soil on the ground. Yesterday I even got frightened by a centipede when clearing up the soil. I wonder whether I can fall asleep or not on the first night after the ritual. If I had other choices, why should I spend a week at such a place facing the darkness all alone... Anyway I appreciate the pray that you have done for me. Please keep informing us of your interview with those Tantrics. It sure helps us make better decisions. Thanks a lot.

    2. @SpiritualSpeeker glad that u shared ur experience,i would like to share my experience too.pls email

    3. @Spirtual Seeker

      How to attract others

      Is vashikaran or hyponitism really exists ?

  21. @SpiritualSeeker, is there any Yakshini that is safe and give perfect health? I've read that Yoginis are much more powerful than Yakshinis and Apsaras as they emanate from Kali Herself. Any info on Yoginis?

    Thank you for sharing such rare knowledge with us.

  22. Is there any tantra to catch yakshini and put them in bottle ? I heard from a tantrik who knows how to catch those supernatural entity but she doesn't want to teach?

  23. Yakshini Tantra vashikaran vidya sent me guruji,,,, or, what's app number 9900879757,

  24. Lemon moving 4 feet highet,
    Destination 10 feet, mantra or tantra tell me guruji, please guruji,,,

  25. Namaste.
    Please tell me can we chant yakshini mantra early morning, in brahma muhurta? Or only in night time?. Because I find difficult in night to chant.i get sleep. In early morning, mind is fresh. Please help me with ur answers. Please

    1. That depend upon the specific Sadhana that you are practicing, each Sadhana is different and has some prescribed rules that have to be followed.

    2. Thank you sir. I am reciting padmavathy yakshini mantra as told by one of an astro for getting wealth. He told me to in night . But I find difficult in night and doing in early morning. Hence I wanted to ask my doubts here. I am a regular reader of prophet666 site. Please tell me, can I do in morning times?

    3. No, you have to do the Sadhana only as prescribed by the astro, you can ask hime for more details.

    4. dear sir i had the same question but your answer is no answer , so i believe we have to imagen the answer ,because we repeat the mantra and have to see when to chant it , anyhow i see for experience that there are some yakshini maybe more akin to you .

  26. Exactly the same thing happened to me as told by 'Aman Tyagi' when I tried that mantra. It was a dangerous situation.

  27. Hlo sir i want do sur sundari yakshini sadhana ,but here is not any mantras for doing this
    Plse sir tell me mantras and procedure i m waiting your
    Plse i m very interested in in it

  28. Neel sir ,
    Can you please tell which kriya ,dhyana or mantra you used to see soul.

  29. @spiritual seeker
    Today I had a great day with your explanations. It is very useful.
    Thanks for your efforts.
    I am also one of the person who is going to start sadhana in a completely energised and alone space .

  30. @Spiritualspeeker you have enlightened us , cleared many of our queries ,wanna share ky experience too.pls email

  31. If some one knows anything about Pakshi Siddhi, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  32. I had tried to invoke any one of the yakshini one years ago. The mantra
    Of yakshini forgot and also forgot yakshini name. Daily I had chanted 10 malas of rudrakshya. After 20
    Days I was sleeping and the day was cold,all the window shuted of my room. A smoke entered my room through the close window and turn into human shape with smoke but had no legs and a sword in his hand. He started to hit me again and again, he was so fast, when I tried to save from him but failed and I tried to remember any of raksha mantra, afterall the Sun mantra remembered and trying to chant, its was miracle, the smoke disappeared and I felt releife, after that I stopped the sadhana.

  33. Guruji

    I can see out comes of my future decisions since I was in 2nd grade and I have also seen blqck shadow standing front of me and it pulled me by my leg down on bed and when I saw I just closed my eyes and did gyatri mantra I was on my bed.
    Please explain this...

  34. I want to know if a woman can invoke a yakshini, if yes, do they come as a lover or wife? Can a woman choose a yakshini as a mother, daughter, sister or friend? I wish to invoke a yakshini but for knowledge purpose (tantra, astrology, spirituality, meditation)?

    1. Yes, you can attempt the Sadhanas for your specific purposes, however, the rest depends upon the exact nature of the Sadhana you are attempting.

  35. Namasthe guruji , guruji is this yakshini enter herself to some one life and said to full fill her wishes it is possible and without chanting their mantra also they gave problem to us ....can you please guruji clear my route

  36. Namasthe guruji , guruji I have one of my friend he has facing so many problems from last 4 years about money and education then his family problems get bigger and his eye operation also done ....then he told that he talking to his dad even without sleep who died when he was child ...along with it he faces some negative energy try to kill him even when I'm in cl with both devil and God Anjaneya swami talk to me like some devil talk bad about him and God talk good about him ...then I started to go for Anjaneya temple after so days I realise its the same voice of my frd and I told ur kidding me then it was stoped but when I ask me make promises also he tel he dnt no about it ....after this we forgot but again shadow negative energy problem started but ond day when we are talking one shadow goo on so he stop talking then that day I chant Shiva Mantra to remove about that negai energy then after this he saw yakshini and she asked him to do favour to her and still she is with him and telling so many things to him I don't no about it and also from dhasara I started chanting dhurga matha mantra for his fare ...and even she told him after 3 years he will get the reason why he came ...........but my concern is anything bad happend thim or he will safe ...and please anyone have any suggestion please let me know because I never believed this and all before it happens to him and I dnt need to suffer him even hurt that yakshini too ....I just confused so help me to find a way

  37. Namasthe guruji today I got another information that yakshini asked him for physical ...that he accept it then yakshini can gave everything he need but he diagree about it because he has girlfriend so yakshini said that she gave problem and then do good to him and now she took him for some place and do pooja that he don't no wt happen but he do pooja when she told him ..and also she gave so many problems between he and his lover life may be to make her lover apart even yakshini talk like devil in 2019 to his lover as she try to kill her but nothing usefull .
    I'm so fear about him can u suggest me how to solve his problem and if she do good to them or not
    And one thing yakshini told him he fill be have good life in feature with his gf .

    It's good to believe her please anyone have suggestions or solution tel me


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This is considered a most powerful mantra to destroy enemies. This is an Aghori Protection Mantra from the Rudrayamala Tantra. The mantra is a Stambhan mantra to stop the enemy in his tracks. This mantra has to be recited 108 times taking the name of the enemy, who is harming you. This it has been stated in the Tantra will destroy his intellect.


Past life is a subject, which evokes great interest in almost everyone. The doctrine of Past life Reincarnation is found in most religions and ancient civilizations. There are numerous Philosophies and traditions ancient as well as new involving Past life. This section is devoted exclusively toward research on Past life and Past life Regression. Studies conducted on Past life will be published. Certain real life cases involving past life or what are believed to be cases of Past life reincarnations will be discussed here, Historical references will also be published. Our aim is to clear the air of mystery surrounding anything involving past life. We will strive as far as possible to remain unbiased in this regard.


Mantras are the unique frequencies which are perpetually present in nature,the entire atmosphere is full of sound vibrations. The vibrations effect everything in nature including the physical and mental structure of human beings. The sound waves contained in the words which compose the mantras can change the destiny of human beings.The benefits can only be judged after trying them.