Yantra for Liberation from Life and Death

In this post, I have described the method of preparing and using a special Yantra to get ultimate liberation from the unending cycle of life and death. In the Hindi language this Yantra is called as the Moksha Prapti Yantra.

This Yantra is suitable for spiritual people and seekers striving to merge their existence with the over-existent. The Moskha Prapti Yantra can also be useful for Practitioners of Non-Dualism and  Kundalini Yoga and those striving to stimulate and awaken their Kundalini Shakti.

Moksha Prapti Yantra
The procedure given below should be followed in order to make and use this Yantra.

1] Prepare the Moksha Prapti Yantra on any auspicious occasion, like any Hindu festival or Shubh Muhurat, Tithi or Yog, according to the Hindu Panchang.

2] Get up early in the morning and have a bath and wear clean clothes and then draw the Yantra, like the one shown in the image on a Bhojpatra using a mixture of Gorochana and Red Sandalwood Paste as the ink. Use a pointed wooden stick as the writing instrument.

Write your name in the center of the Yantra, in place of the word “Name”

3] Then, place the Moksha Prapti Yantra on a wooden board and light an incense stick and an oil lamp before it and offer it some fresh and sweet smelling flowers.

Say a small prayer with humility that you have prepared the Yantra for getting liberation from the cycle of life and death and that your desire should be fulfilled.

4] Then, nicely fold and place the Moksha Prapti Yantra in a Triloha Locket, which is a locket prepared using an alloy of 3 different metals and then wear it around your neck.

This Yantra will be useful if the practitioner follows a Satvik lifestyle and sincerely practices spirituality for the sole purpose of getting Moksha in this life.


  1. neel sir.i know that u had stated that gorochana and red sandalwood paste must be used to prepare this moksha yantra but the thing is that so many fake and adulterated products are freely every where.instead of using such fake products can i i use red ink to prepare the yantra..thank you sir

  2. neel sir.i know that u have already mentioned the way to prepare this liberation mantra but my problem is that available products in the market esp gorochana to draw the yantra are either fakes or adulterated..neel sir in this situation is there any other simpler way to draw this yantra or can copper plates be used to draw this yantra or maybe red ink on a piece of paper.please forgive me sir for asking all this even though u have already clearly stated the way to do the yantra.thank you sir.

    1. You can try using red ink on white color paper, if these items are not available in the market.

    2. sir can we tie it to our hand or weast as it if difficult to me to wear it around neck it may appear to my family member so i am asking can i tie to hand plz rply me sir

  3. neel sir.thank you so much for replying and for giving a simpler way to do it.

  4. after doing this procedure will die

    i want die bcz i lost my love someother girl came into his life its happen after8years of my love😭😭😭


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