Powerful Beej Mantra Healing Combination

In this post, I have written about a very powerful healing Beej Mantra combination, which is said to be effective in giving relief from most diseases and ailments. Along with this Mantra, I have written about another Mantra for removing impurities or negative forces and energies from your body.

The Beej Mantra combination is said to be a Siddh Mantra, which means that it does not have to be mastered for a specified number of times in order to use it to cure or give relief to a sick and ailing person or to use it on yourself.

In past articles, especially in the Health and Healing Mantras Section, this site has published a large number of Healing Mantras of all kinds and for specific diseases and body conditions, this healing Mantra is a general all purposes Healing Mantra and it can be used to get relief from most diseases and ailments.

The practitioner should first memorize the Mantra before using it, this is quite simple because it is a Ashtakshari Beej Mantra and easy to remember.

To use the Mantra on a sick person, the practitioner should take a few Sarson Ke Beej or Mustard Seeds in the English language and then chant the Mantra given below once and sprinkle the Mustard Seeds on the body of the sick person.

If you wish to heal yourself, then you can sprinkle the Mantra Infused Mustard Seeds on your own body.

The second Healing Mantra is a slight variation of a very famous and popular Mantra, which is mostly used for controlling anger as it is considered to be an effective Mantra for making anger related emotions and thoughts subside and calm down the angry person.

This power of this Mantra can also be utilized to get rid of negative, malefic or dull and regressive energies from your surroundings.

The practitioner should, like the the first Mantra,  fully memorize this Mantra before using it.

To use the Mantra for becoming free from the harmful energies and vibrations mentioned above, the practitioner has to wash his face by sprinkling water on the face and while doing so he has to chant the Mantra.

This has to be done only once with firm faith and self-belief.

Both these healing Mantra Remedies can be practiced together for getting quicker relief form any kind of disease or ailment.

Note- Information about these Indian Healing Mantra Remedies has been given purely in good faith and this site cannot vouch for the sure-shot success of these Mantra Remedies. 


  1. Sir,
    After sprinkling of the mantra infused mustard seeds on body it will fall on ground. What should I do with these mustard seeds after completion of this task?

    1. There is no need to do anything just sweep them aside and pick and throw them out of your home.

  2. Is there a mantra to cure myopia too? If yes, then what is it ?


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