Mantra to Remove Negative Energy By Ringing Bell

In this post, I have described the procedure of using a unique Mantra to remove negative energies by ringing a Bell.  The Mantra does not have to be chanted in order to use it to remove the bad energy, which includes dull, harmful and malefic vibrations from a specific place.

This Mantra Experiment is different from other Mantra Experiments for the same purpose because as mentioned above, the Negative Energy Removal Mantra does not have to be Mastered in order to use it nor does it have to be chanted for removing the negative energies.

The Mantra, which invokes Ghanta Karna Mahaveer has been given below in Hindi and it has to be written as it is on a Bhojpatra or White Paper with any perfumed substances, using a small pointed wooden stick.

Hindu Mantra Chant to Remove Negative Energy By Ringing Bell

ॐ घंटाकर्ण महावीर सर्व व्याधि विनाशनः चतुः पदानां मले जाते रक्षः रक्षः महा बलः ||

Then, the Bhojpatra or Paper on which the Mantra has been written should be tied to a Ghanta or Bell.

The Tantra says that ringing the Bell, will remove the negative and dangerous energies from all the places where the sound of the ringing of the Bell is heard.

There are no prescriptions on the number of times the bell has to be rung, in order to remove the negative energy. However, in my opinion it could be rung for 5 to 10 minutes in a particular place, like a house or an office. If the place is large, then the practitioner can move around in that place, while ringing the bell.

This appears to be an easy and uncomplicated Mantra Remedy for the removal of negative energies, which could be responsible for creating disturbances and problems in a particular place.

These disturbances or problems, include domestic and family problems, disputes and fights, money problems, problems related to enemies and rivals and even paranormal problems connected to unseen mystical beings.

The Ghanta Karna Mahavir is a powerful protective deity in the Jain religion and there are many Mantra Sadhanas connected to the Ghanta Karna Mahavir for a varied range of purposes, including supernatural protection and gain of money.

A similar Mantra Experiment for gaining extreme power and strength by ringing a Ghanta or bell and chanting a Mantra, which invokes a Yakshini called Ghanta Karni was published some time back, it can be seen here – Mantra for Getting Unbelievable Strength and Energy

Another Mantra, invoking the Ghanta Karni for getting rid of problems, disturbances and obstacles, including paranormal problems, can be seen here – Powerful Mantra for Solutions for Unnatural Disturbances and Problems. This is a normal Mantra Prayog that involves Mantra Chanting and performing a Havan.


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