Ghantakarni Yakshini Mantra for Unbelievable Power

In this post, I have written about a Mantra, which is said to call forth a Yakshini, known as the Ghantakarni Yakshini. Even though, this Yakshini is named in the list of known Yakshinis, there is very little reliable information available about the Ghantakarni Yakshini and the specific method of invoking her.

As the name Ghanta [Bell] suggests, this Yakshini is connected to a Ghanta and can be invoked if the Invoking Mantra given below is chanted 20,000 times, while ringing a Ghanta. This means that the practitioner has to ring the bell and chant the Mantra and repeat it 20,000 times one after the other.

ऐं घण्टे पुर क्षोभय राज नाम क्षोभय क्षोभय भगवती गंभीरः श्वरप्लीं स्वाहा ||
Aim Ghante Pur Kshobhaya Raj Naam Kshobhaya Kshobhaya Bhagvati Gambhirah Shvarapleem Swaha ||

As per the Yakshini Tantra, if the practitioner succeeds in appeasing the Ghantakarni Yakshini, she will appear before and bless him with so much power that the entire population of  city will be terrified by him.

There are references to the Ghantakarni Yakshini in the Matsya Purana where she is bunched together with other mystical being, which were created by Lord Vishnu from his own body. It is also uncertain, whether this Yakshini is in some way or the other connected to the Ghantakarna Mahavir or Veer, who is an important Jain Deity.

Such mystical beings are said to possess unbelievable energy and cannot be taken lightly as they possess the force and power to annihilate the world.

Note- Apart from the Ghantakarni Yakshini Invoking Mantra, I have not discovered any other specific or unique ritual, which accompanies the Mantra or it part of the invoking process.


  1. In One Sitting 20,000 Mantra Chanting should be Done.

  2. Sir this means we have to recite this mantra 20000 times continuously then say it will take 20 hrs to complete it then we have to ring the bell also for 20 hrs continuously and can it be done at home

  3. Sir do we have to do this in a temple or can i do it with a small bell used for Pooja at home?

  4. Which type of ghanta should be used?

  5. 20000 times in how many days neel ji, ?

  6. Can this sadhana be use as Jinn sadhana for fulfilling wish like whenever I call you come and do my work.

  7. To all the above including me it is to be done like this
    20000 chants continuously while ringing the bell so you have to make a coordination of
    chants and ring any bell can be used
    Better if done after activating shiva tattva
    Else worship kuber and shiva and start
    It is not wish fulfilling sadhna it is particularly for power u will feel this yakshini as pratibimb and yourself getting power inside u
    Better if done in a shivalaya or a mountain or river bank

    1. Hello sir,
      can you please tell me,what exactly the power means? is it internal? like selfconfidence? or is it supernatural power? like command over other beings?

      Please answer my query sir,
      awaiting your reply.

    2. Power can be supernatural power meaning both physical and mental power.

    3. Hello sir,
      I very much wish to begin this Sadhana.The only thing holding me back is the doubt about what the power means sir.

      Does it mean command over other subordinate supernatural beings? or does the yakshini bestow mantras with terrifying powers?

      The reason I am asking is because you mentioned it is not a wish granting mantra.So,what type of power does the yakshini bestow on the sadhaka?
      And I sincearly wish to begin the sadhana of the mantra.

      Could you clarify about the power guru ji.

      Please clarify my doubt sir,as I wish to begin the sadhana.
      Om namah shivaya

  8. Sir can this be done at home ringing the bell used for pooja?


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