Mantra to Stop Nose Bleeding

In this post, I have written about a simple to practice Shabar Healing Mantra to get relief from Naksir or a Bleeding Noose. Naksir usually occurs when a blood vessel bursts in the nose. Such incidents, though normally not serious, occur in the hot summer seasons or due to an injury to the nose, high blood pressure or going to a high altitude place.

The best thing about this Healing Mantra is that it is a Siddh Mantra, which need not be Mastered by chanting it for a fixed number of Mantra Chants.

To use the Mantra to heal a person suffering from a bleeding nose, the practitioner should take some water in a small Katora or cup and hold that water containing Katora in the right hand and chant the Mantra once and then blow his breath over the water in the Katora.

Then, he should fix his gaze upon the patient and give him the water in the Katora to drink.

ॐ मारतो लारतो दशो दिशा धावत पर्वत कूटे खंड खंड करता मंत्र साँचा फुरो वाचा ||
Om Maarto Laarto Dasho Disha Dhaavat Parvat Koote Khand Khand Kartaa Saanchaa Furo Vaachaa ||

The Shabar Healing Tantra say that this Mantra Remedy should be repeated until the patient finally gets total relief and the blood flow from the nose stops.

A Home remedy to get relief from Naksir can be seen in the post here – Home remedy for bleeding nose


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