Mantra for Shani Dosh Shanti

The Mantra given below in this post is a simple Mantra for Shani Dosh Shanti. Even though, I have termed this Mantra as a simple Mantra, it is still an unknown Mantra, which even most astrologers or practitioners of Vedic Jyotish Shastra have not heard about.

Even though, I have personally not tried this Shani Mantra nor heard about anyone else who has practiced this Mantra, I have still written about it for the benefit of those persons who are undergoing Shani Peeda and have tried every Remedy/Upay/Totka and not received the desired relief.


ॐ अतिशनैश्वराय||
Om Atishanaishwaraya ||

The Text, which this Mantra originates from has not prescribed any kind of Puja Vidhi, ritual or the number of Mantra Chants, which have to be completed to get relief or even the number of Mantra Chants to be completed per day.

This probably means that the Shani Mantra should be chanted as many times as desired per day with faith and sincerity.

Followers of astrology should always remember that Saturn is not a malicious or cruel planet, but the hardships people encounter due to Saturn are mostly to make people realize the mistakes they have made in life and to learn a lesson from these mistakes.

Note- If anyone tries this Shani Mantra and benefits from it, please share your experiences so that others in dire need of relief can benefit from your experiences.


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