3 Lal Kitab Totke for Money Problems

Today, I have written about 3 most simple to perform Totke or paranormal remedies originating from the popular and famous mystical text, the Lal Kitab. These Totke, which are most suitable for lay-persons are as per the Lal Kitab, said to be effective in giving relief from poverty and penury, financial hardships and deprivation, burden of debts and all sorts of money and finance related problems.

All these 3 Totke are stand-alone Upay and if the practitioner so desires, he or she can perform all 3 or any one of them to tide over his or her money crises.

1] This Totka should be performed on any Saturday evening at dusk time. This is normally the time when Diyas are lit in the house.

The practitioner should take some grains of Sabut Urad Dal[black gram or black lentils in his right hand and rotate it in a clockwise manner over the body of the person suffering from financial problems, 7 times in all, one after the other.

This is as explained in many earlier article known as a Utara, which exorcises the blockages from the body and aura of the affected person.

After performing the Utara Ritual, the Urad Dal should be thrown away in the North Direction [Uttar Disha].

This concludes the Lal Kitab Totka to remove financial hardships, including debt related problems. It can be repeated again, if the need arises.

2] This simple Totka from the Lal Kitab to get relief from financial distress should also be performed on a Saturday at dusk time.

The practitioner should visit a Vishnu Mandir and keep 2 Red Gunja Seeds, these are the red/purple variety seeds of the Rosary Pea or Indian Licorice Plant, at the feet of the idol of Lord Vishnu.

After performing this simple Totka, the practitioner should go back to his home.

3] This Lal Kitab Totka for getting relief from money problems and poverty should be commenced on a Monday and continued each day until the monetary crises subsides.

The practitioner should go bare foot [Nange Paav] to a Shivalaya and offer 21 Whole Rice Grains [Sabut Chawal ke Dane] to the Murti of Lord Shiva or a Shivlinga.

This should be done by offering a Rice Grain and chanting the Shiva Mantra – Om Namah Shivaya || - ॐ नमः शिवाय ||. This should be done 21 times in all, after which, the practitioner should go back to his house.

Notes- These, like all the other paranormal remedies published on this site are only for the benefit of the believes of Indian Paranormal Remedies and Rituals.


  1. Very intresting sir..
    Thnx 4 sharing such a wonderful knowledge.....
    I wnt to ask u that some days befor i use to chant gayatri mantra...bt tht tim i wz nt hving any idea about rules and regulations for chanting the mantra.....i use to eat non veg ..havng sx...and many other things...n unknowly my sadhna got bhang....n now am facing some strng negativ effect lik mental imbalence,everytime headach,physical weakness ,badluck and many more...so what should i do now sir plz help...am realy in trouble now

    1. stop eating non veg .you should repent by feeding cows with roti or green fodder ( hara chara ) in gaushala on daily basis for atleast 2 months.

  2. Greetings guruji, the first totka of sabut urad dal can be performed on self clock-wise? Please guide.

    1. It should be performed by any other person who is a well-wisher and does the Utara sincerely.

  3. Namaste, What is the best thing to do for creating a destiny of surplous money, to clear debt and get a job & biz for meena rashi.

    Grateful for your guidance and help.

    1. These remedies given in this post, should work for all astrological signs.

  4. Sir, 2nd totka can be done at Lakshmi Narayan temple also?

    1. Yes, can be done at a Lakshmi Narayan Mandir.

  5. Sir,I have a doubt actually I hav a file consisting of remedies of lal kitab ,but it is not mentioned clearly how exactly to perform remedies since it is in english.wen I tried to clarify it each one gives a different answer...I'm confused can u suggest me something about this

  6. My money is stuck with others . Can u please give me some remedies that i can do in home


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