Magical Tantric Success Getting Powder

In this post, I have written about a very rare and secretive Mantra Experiment performed by Tantriks, Aghori Sadhus and Spell-Casters of Indian Black-magic to prepare a Magical Success Getting Powder from the body-parts of the Baaz Pakshi or the Hawk. This fearsome Mantra Experiment has originated from the Baaz Tantra or the text on the use of the Hawk and its body-parts in various black-arts paranormal experiments.

The magical powder works in the same manner as a Mohini/Vashikaran Churna/Tilak to cast a most powerful Voodoo Spell for getting success in any venture, including love, money, job, promotion, subduing co-workers, boss, foes, rivals and enemies.

The procedure followed by Tantriks, while conducting the Mantra Experiment to prepare the magical success getting powder has been given below.
1] The Mantra Prayoga should be conducted on the night of a Amavasya[No or New Moon] in an isolated Smashan Bhoomi[Hindu Crematorium].

2] The practitioner has to keep the head, wings, eyes, tongue and beak of the Baaz Pakshi separately in a clay plate.

3] Then, he has to sit down in the Yogic Pose of Siddhasana, facing the east direction, in-front of a burning funeral pyre on a red colored Kambal [Blanket],  keep the clay plate in-front of him and chant the Mantra given below 1008 times using a Rudraksha Beads Counting Rosary.

ॐ नमो त्रिदेवाय क्लीं क्लीं क्लीं हुं फट स्वाहा ||
Om Namo Tridevaaya Kleem Kleem Kleem Hum Fat Swaha ||

4] While chanting the Mantra, the practitioner has to keep blowing his breath over the Baaz Pakshi Body Parts, which have been kept in the clay plate.

5] After the completion of the Mantra Chants, the practitioner should put the clay plate along with all its contents in the burning funeral pyre. After, the contents have been burnt to ash, the practitioner should collect the residue ash and store it in a glass bottle and bring it back to his home.

6] The next day, the practitioner should get up early in the morning, have a full body bath and keep the bottle containing the ash of the body parts of the Hawk in-front of him and chant the same Mantra, given above to infuse the ash with the power of the Mantra.

This concludes the Mantra Vidhi to prepare the Magical Hawk Body Parts Powder for getting success. To use it in actual life, all that the practitioner should do it to take a pinch of the Magical Powder from the bottle and  apply a Tilak of the Magical Powder upon his forehead.

The Magical Powder can be used repeatedly anytime, the practitioner wishes to get success in any task, work or job, including job interview, promotion, transfer, loan applications, legal and property related matters and also for success in his love life or for winning over the love and affection of any desired person.

Note- Article written solely for giving educational information on rare and secret Indian Witchcraft and Paranormal Practises.


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