Pandrah Ka Yantra for Vashikaran

A simple and easy to put into practice Yantra Experiment, which makes the use of the famed Pandrah Ka Yantra to attract and mesmerize a specified person for the end motive of love, marriage, business or friendship by bringing that person under a Voodoo Vashikaran Spell has been described by me in this post.

The Pandrah Ka Vashikaran Yantra can also be prepared and used in the same manner to get success in any specified task, work or job, including success in a job interview, loan application or business proposal.

It should be noted that this is a one-time experiment and is practiced either to put a Love Spell on a specified person or for getting success in any specific task. However, the experiment can be practiced again and again for getting success in attracting other persons or getting success in different tasks.

1] The Pandrah Ka Vashikaran Yantra should be prepared during the period of any Shubh Nakshatra in the Shukla Paksha of the Month.

2] The Yantra should be drawn on a Bhojpatra with Yaksha Kardam Paste, using a Chameli Kalam[small pointed stick of a Jasmine tree].

15 Che Yantra for Akarshan
Pandrah Ka Yantra for Vashikaran

3] Then the simple ritual of lighting a Ghee Lamp and Agarbatti, in-front of the Yantra should be performed, after, which the Yantra should be worshiped and the name of the desired person or desired work should to taken and the practitioner should pray to the Pandrah Ka Yantra to grant him or her success in making his prayer come true.

4] The Pandrah Ka Yantra can be kept in a metal locket and worn around the neck or kept in the pocket of the shirt, pant or dress. This completes the Pandrah Ka Yantra Vashikaran Experiment.

The Pandrah Ka Yantra can also be prepared using the Numerical Combination given below, which vibrates to the same frequencies.
First Row Horizontal- २-७-६
Second Row Horizontal-९-५-१
Third Row Horizontal- ४-३ -८


  1. Hello sir, i know its wrong page to comment but i referred your previous post

    I tried it mentally and my navel got balanced instantly but only for few hours. I try to wear the yantra but i dont have bhojpatra.. Any alternative way..Please reply or give me your no. i will call

    1. Next time leave your comment only on the concerned post.
      If the remedy has benefited you, then not having Bhojpatra is a small problem, you can obtain Bhojpatra and make the Yantra.

  2. Enter your comment... Sir what is yaksha kardam paste

  3. Can it be written on white piece of papaer with red ink and kept in wallet

    1. No, it should be written on Bhojpatra, but can be kept in the wallet.

  4. यह पंद्रह का यन्त्र बहुत चमत्कारी बताया गया है. यह सर्वकार्यसिद्धि यन्त्र बैरी से प्रीति,वशीकरण,कष्ट निवारण,गत या चोरी गया धन प्राप्ति,बिच्छुरे से मिलन
    आदि मे उपयोगी है.
    यह 4 प्रकार का बताया गया है-खाकी,बादी,आबी,आतिशी


    सप्ताह के हर दिन के लिए यन्त्र लिखने की विधि,संख्या,कार्य प्रयोजन अलग अलग हैं
    -केवल जानकारी हेतु प्रस्तुत.
    (सन्दर्भ-कौस्तुभ रत्न भंडागार,सम्वत 1961)

  5. Sir instead of yaksha kardam paste can we this yantra with red or any other ink please reply

  6. Sir instead of yaksha kardam paste can we make this yantra with red or any other ink please reply

  7. Sir 2.7.6 wala yantar kaha se shuru kare Jaise iska mantar 8 se shuru hota hai to khake me pehle 8 Ka ank buare ya jaha se 2 .7.6. aise yantar bhara hai waha se ank bhare


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