Durga Mantra for Gaining Power

This is a Mantra Prayog for  gaining power using a Mantra from the most sacred Durga Saptashati. which was told to me by a Yogi, This Sanskrit Mantra also includes some Yogic Moves, which have to be practiced to make the Mantra more potent and powerful. - Post By a Sadhak. 

The simple to follow steps given below should be followed while performing the Mantra Prayog.
1] Start the Mantra Prayog from a Tuesday or a Friday morning.
2] Do Surya Namaskar and then offer Ardhya to the Sun God and then do Pranayam and concentrate on your breath.

After this the Main Mantra Prayog
3] Place a Durga Mata Picture before yourself and do Poojan of Durga Maa with Bhakti Bhav and offer some Naivedhya.

4] After that do Dhyaan of Durga Maa for 5 minutes and chant 1 Mala of the Mantra -
Om Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundaya Vicche ||

5] After that do 5 Malas of the Mantra -
Om Hreem Dum Durgayi Namah ||

6] Now chant the Power Mantra for 21 Malas.
Shrishtisthithi Vinashanam Shaktibhute Sanatani | Gunashrayee Gunamayee Narayani Namostute ||
सृष्टिस्थिति विनाशानां शक्तिभूते सनातनि। गुणाश्रये गुणमये नारायणि नमोऽस्तुते।। 

7] After completion visualize that is do Dhyan of Durga Maa giving you power and do Dhyan of your body getting power that is Samayama.

Do this Mantra Experiment for 21 days and if you feel good results do it for 108 days.

Note- only firm believers and those who have full faith and confidence in Durga Maa do this Mantra Prayog.


  1. But exactly what kind of powers this mantra promises?

    1. Power what you are seeking for u want to enter bodybuilding so it will help you
      It will give you strength as well as will power also it increases your valour too

  2. Thank you sir for this post
    Do i have to do 21 tuesdays/fridays or 21days without a break?


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