Shava Sadhana in Kundalini Awakening

The Aghor Panthiya Shava Sadhana or the Sadhana, which is performed while sitting on the body of a dead person and Chanting a Mantra is considered to be one of the most fearsome and secretive of all Tantric Mantra Sadhanas.

Even though, success in the Shava Sadhana is believed to grant the highest kind of occult and paranormal powers to the practitioner, its primary objective has been misunderstood by most people. These people believe that it is a most powerful Mantra Sadhana that gives the most powerful Siddhis or supernatural powers to the practitioner.

While, it is true that the most powerful Siddhis can be gained by practicing Shava Sadhana, its primary objective is awakening and raising the Kundalini Shakti, lying dormant in the Muladhara or Root Chakra and making it pierce the Crown or Sahasrara Chakra, which lies on the crown of the head. By piercing the Crown Chakra, the Kundalini Shakti of the practitioner merges with the Cosmic Energy or Para Brahman.

Shava Sadhana done on a Dead Body in Kundalini Awakening

The unification of the Soul or Atma with the Parmatma or the Over-Self or God is the primary objective of Shava Sadhana.

Shava Sadhana is only performed under the guidance of a Siddh Guru, if not performed under the protection of a Siddh Guru, the Shava Sadhana can take the life of the practitioner or turn him into a lunatic.

The Shava or the body on which the Shava Sadhana is going to be performed should be the body of a newly dead person, which has not started decomposing or decaying.

The Shava or body should also be in an intact state meaning that the body should not be disfigured or mutilated, even if even a small body part is missing or damaged, then Shava Sadhana cannot be performed on that particular body.

The practitioner has to sit on the Shava in a Virasana or Hero Yogic Pose and then commence chanting the Mantra.

The practitioner starts hearing Akashwani or Divine Voices from the Sky, which ask him to take his desired or wished for Siddhis or supernatural powers from the Universe.

However, the practitioner should not discontinue the Mantra Chanting and remain firm and steadfast in his objective of unification with the Cosmic Being.

It is said that even Gautama Buddha in his wanderings for the search of the ultimate truth performed the Shava Sadhana and remained firm and did not pay heed to the promises of immense occult powers.

After some time,  the Shava comes to life and starts moving, this is the ultimate test for the practitioner and if he gets frightened and discontinues the Shava Sadhana, it is most likely that he will die or turn into a lunatic.

Here it is most important for the practitioner to remember that he is succeeding and that it is the power of the Mantra, which he is chanting that is making the dead body come to life.

If he remains steadfast and keeps chanting the Mantra, he succeeds in merging his self with that of the over-self and gains the most powerful supernatural powers.

The exact procedure, including the Mantra, Disha Bandhan and the Protective Yantra or Circle, which protects the practitioner cannot be published for obvious reasons.


  1. This sadhana is banned in India and it is one prime minister who had banned it. This can even shake up the thrones of the Gods.

    The sadhaka should also know how to do sharir bandhan. Because the dead body first attacks the sadhaka only who awakens it.

    During the sadhana, the sadhaka needs a lot of cooked mutton and alcohol. He has to cast a protection circle and commence the sadhana. There are a lot of evil spirits who try to distract the sadhaka.

    The sadhaka has to place some alcohol and mutton outside the circle and also within the circle for the corpse.

    During the sadhana, the corpse opens its mouth, that time the sadhaka has to place mutton and pour alcohol into it.

    If the sadhaka is successful in the sadhana, then the corpse awakens and blesses the sadhaka saying that he has succeeded, and now there is no need to trouble the corpse and its spirit anymore.

    That time, the spirits around him outside the circle become afraid of him and start respecting him, even when he comes out of the protection circle.

    Then he should immerse the corpse in flowing body of water.

    The corpse used in the sadhana should be of a girl who has died untimely and that too, it should not be more than 3 days old.

    Then if he has a guru, he gives him a yantra, which he only should wear after in later years of life.

    The experiences can scare the most bravest of the brave. It is actually recommended to perform this sadhana under the influence of drugs.

  2. Gurujee Namaskar .Please kindly tell me the procedure of shava sadhana and the mantra to pronounce. I am ardent devotee of Kalima.

    1. Don't try nobody's going to tell mantra even you have worst dare not going to help at the end .

    2. dear siva , worship ma kali as universal mother she can guide your wishes and thoughts ,nobody will reveal such powerful tamasik mantra on the net nor verbally ,to gain super powers is to first humble the mind


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