Four Purusharthas in Mantra Sadhana

Tantra is four-fold in nature and Tantric Sadhana is for the fulfillment of the four primary aims of life Artha, Kama, Dharma and Moksha or the Four Purusharthas. Tantra incorporates both material and spiritual existence, it is not just confined to Liberation or the gain of higher intelligence or Siddhis.

There is nothing mystical or supernatural about these four Tantric Concepts and they easily misunderstood by most people as being some sort of paranormal activity and one has to be a Yogi or Sadhu to practice the four-fold Tantra.

1] Artha as the name suggests is primarily for the gain of wealth, money and the means needed for a happy and prosperous existence.

2] Kama mean the fulfillment of pulls and pushes of the senses sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. The more the pulls and pushes,  the more the passion to fulfill these desires or longings, which originate from the senses. Humans go to any extent, even loose their lives in their quest for the fulfillment of the sensory desires.

However, Kama is also essential for human existence and there would be no reproduction and continuance of human existence without Kama, which is like a two edged sword.

Artha and Kama are related to material existence and go hand in hand, Artha is also a means for the fulfillment of Kama.

3] Dharma is the third of the four-fold Tantra of existence, it is often misunderstood as religion and the chanting of prayers and being true and faithful towards ones own religion, sect or way of life.

The real meaning of Dharma is Virtue, rightness and honesty. A prime example of Dharma is Dharmaraj Yudhisthira, who never strayed from virtue even in the most adverse situations and was the only one of the Five Pandavas to reach Heaven. This means that he was the only one of these five who gained Moksha and liberation from the unending cycle of life and death.

4] Moksha is the last of the four aims of Tantra Sadhana and it is closely related to Dharma as can be seen from the example of Dharmaraj Yudhisthira.

Tantric Sadhanas aimed at gaining Moksha or Salvation are the most difficult of the four Sadhanas and success to a large extent depends upon letting go of the first three, including Dharma and concentrate with single-minded concentration upon the Sadhana that gives Moksha.

Notes - The four paths of Tantra also called as the Four Purusharthas or the Four Actions or Pursuits of Life.

These Four Purusharthas are closely related, Aatha is the means for the fulfillment of Kama and Kama if performed as per Dharma grants Moksha.

Regular readers to this site would have noticed that we have over the last many years published Mantra, Yantra and other Sadhanas, which are related to these Four Purusharthas.

Vashikaran, Akarshan, Mohini, Shatru Nashak and Sammohan Sadhanas are related to the fulfillment of Kama. Hence, I see nothing wrong in writing about these Sadhanas.

Many Sadhanas for the gain of money, wealth, property and becoming rich and prosperous are Artha related Sadhanas, which are primarily meant as a means for the fulfillment of Kama or Desire.

Many Devotional Sadhanas whose primary aim is to come close to your Ishta Devta or Sadhanas related to Kundalini Awakening are regularly posted on this site, these Sadhanas are linked to Dharma, which leads to Moksha.


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