Hanuman Mantra to Remove Fear of Darkness

One of the most common kinds of fear is the fear of darkness or the fear of the night and when this fear becomes extreme it becomes a phobia called nyctophobia. In this post, I will try to give a simple but most effective solution for exorcising this dread and getting freedom from this most difficult phobia.

Many of our readers who are deeply connected to the paranormal sometimes suffer from nyctophobia or a milder form of nyctophobia, which we can term as fear of the dark. This is because most practitioners of the occult and the supernatural are worried about negative energies, evil-eve, hex, curses and voodoo spells, and Tantric Experiments that are cast by their enemies or rivals. There are still others who are fearful that unknown and invisible entities, like ghosts-spirits and demons are going to attack them, while they are sleeping. 

Many people are unable to sleep with the lights turned off. There are still others who are unable to sleep without practicing some ritual or engaging in some or the other kind of superstitious action, for example touching something thrice or saying something thrice.

Hence, these readers can get immense relief from the simple solution described in this post. This fear normally affects the sleep of the sufferer due to the unnecessary barrage of negative and frightening thoughts that is at its peak when the practitioner is in bed trying to sleep.

In my opinion, the fear of darkness or the night will not disappear gradually over a period of time. In fact, it will become deep-rooted and well-entrenched in the mind and mental framework of the practitioner. Hence, the fear of the dark should be removed in a single stroke.

Hanuman Mantra Remedy to remove the Fear of Darkness:
1] The practitioner can cant the Hanuman Mantra shown in the image just 7 times whenever he experiences dread and panic in the dark. The practitioner should imagine that Lord Hanuman is present in all the directions around his body and chant the Mantra.

Hanuman Mantra to Destroy Fear of Night

ॐ नमो भगवते हनुमते नम: ||
Om Namo Bhagavate Hanumate Namah ||

2] This simple Mantra of Lord Hanuman is capable of generating immense protective energy and removing every kind of fear and negative thought from the mind of the practitioner and enabling him to sleep soundly at night. There is no need to do any Puja-Vidhi before or after chanting the Hanuman Mantra.

Notes: You can see many Mantras and Remedies which invoke Hanuman in the section on Hanuman Mantras and Tantra.
Readers who practice this Mantra Remedy to remove the fear of darkness are requested to share their experiences because they can prove to be most beneficial for other readers who are suffering from this problem.

The Hindi language video of this Hanuman Mantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel: Andhare Aur Raat Ke Bhay Se Mukti Paane Ka Hanuman Mantra


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