Remedy to Remove Black Magic from Shop or House

A simple home remedy without the use of any Mantra, Yantra or Worship  to remove black magic or any other Voodoo Spell, Hex, Curse or harmful energies and vibrations from a shop, office, business place or even a house  has been described in this post.

The simple black magic removal remedy is useful for those people who believe that their shop or business in not doing well or running into losses because of some or the other kind of Kala Jadu, Aghori Mantrik Kriya or any Spell cast by a Black Magician, Voodoo Spell Caster or Tantrik.

It is also useful for those people who believe that something is obstructing the flow of money into their houses and due to this they are facing financial hardships.

Totka / Upay to Remove Black Magic from Shop or House

The black magic removal remedy is a traditional Indian Totka or Upay that is practiced by many people to remove black magic and evil-eye from their shops or even houses.

The simple method of removing the ill-effects of the black magic spell has been given below.

1] This Remedy should be started on the evening of any Tuesday or Saturday and continued for 7 days in a row.

2] The practitioner should pick up some mud from a Cow Shed or Goshala and keep it along with with Guggul Dhoop in a Mitti Ka Matka or Bartan or any other utensil prepared using clay / mud  and then light the Dhoop and keep it in the shop or house so that the smoke spreads everywhere in the shop or house.

If the house, shop or office in large, then the utensil can be moved in all the corners of the shop or house and then be kept on the ground until the Dhoop extinguishes on its own.

Practicing this simple exorcism ritual for 7 days in a row as described in this post gives relief to the practitioner and helps in making his business become stable and profitable and attracting the flow of money into the house.

Notes- Many such simple, rare and authentic exorcism rituals and paranormal remedies can be seen in the sections on Exorcism Mantras and Rituals and Paranormal Remedies Money.

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  1. This request is being made for Most Powerful Mantra for Success , as further comments are not possible/allowed on that blog presently. During 41 days, if one has to perform or attend funeral and other death related rituals, then this mantra has been observed to be not helpful. I s that really so ?

    1. For the Sutak you can discontinue and resume from where you stopped after the prescribed period in over.

  2. Good morning sir. I am presently doing the sadhna of 41 days ' most powerful mantra for Success,'. As per your advice, tomorrow being chandar grahan, suraj will be from daytime to completion if grahan till early morning. I perform sadhna at 12.05 am. SHOULD I DISCONTINUE FOR ONE DAY , IN SUTAK ? . Can I still get full benefits of Sadhna even after a break / discontinuance of one day ?

  3. Sir, please advice to my query regarding discontinuation during sutak of Chandra Grahan, as I am into the Sadhna ( 41 days days at midnight most powerful mantra for success)

    1. Yes, you can discontinue for one day, you will still get all the benefits of the mantra sadhana.

  4. Thankyou Sir, for your valuable time and guidance.

  5. Hello Sir, you mentioned cow mud..Do you mean cow dung? Please clarify..thank you for helping..


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