Enemy Maran Yantra Using Human Bone

The Vidhi or procedure of a Shatru Maran Prayog using a human bone has only been given in this post to apprise readers about the deadly and fearsome techniques adopted by Sadhus and Tantriks of the Aghor Panth for taking the lives of their enemies or harming them in a most severe manner.

This Maran Prayog as with all death inflicting paranormal experiments is not meant for ordinary people because such experiments are only practiced successfully by a select band of Aghora Sadhus.

The Vidhi of practicing this Maran Prayog has been described below. 

1] The Yantra shown in the image is drawn on a Bhojpatra or white piece of paper using a mixture of Sankhya or Arsenic and Hartal or Yellow Orpiment as the ink and the pointed end of a feather of a crow as the writing instrument.

Shatru Maran Yantra Using Human Bone

The name of the enemy is written in place of the word “नाम" at the bottom of the Yantra.

This step has to be taken with care because the mixture can harm the practitioner because of the poisonous nature of these substances.

2] Then, the practitioner does the Puja of his Ishta Devta and energizes the Yantra.

Most Aghora Tantriks have their own individual Guru Mantra or a specified ritual for energizing the Yantra. Hence, it is not possible to give the exact procedure because there are likely to be many different procedures for the same Maran Yantra Prayog.

3] Then, the Maran Yantra is placed inside a human bone. This is the dried bone of a dead person, which is hallow because of the drying up of the marrow.

4] Then, the bone containing the Maran Yantra is buried inside a Samshan Bhoomi.

As per the Maran Tantra, the enemy falls seriously ill or dies in a short period of time.

Notes- All kinds of Mantras and Yantras, including Maran, Uchchatan and Videshan can be seen in the sections on Mantras and Tantra for Enemies and Yantra


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