Main Points for Maran Mantra Prayog Vidhi

In this post, I have described some important requirements or main points, which should be taken into consideration, while practicing a Maran Mantra Experiment. We all know that a Maran Mantra is the last, most powerful and destructive supernatural weapon for completely getting rid of enemies by killing them.

However, as per the Maran Tantra, they should only be used as a last resort against evil people who are a threat to the general public or the society at large and all possible options to prevent their evil have been exhausted.

Some basic but important points to be noted, while performing a Maran Mantra Experiment against an evil person are given below.

1] The most fruitful period of the year for practicing any Maran Mantra Prayog is the Sharad Ritu, which is the autumn season as per the western calendar and approximately corresponds to the period September to Mid-November. As per the Maran Tantra, the chances of killing an enemy are at its highest during this specific period.

2]  Purva, Bharani, Magha, Ardra, Ashlesha, Moola and Jyeshta are considered to be the most effective Nakshatras for performing a Maran Prayog.

4] The preferred direction is Dakshin Disha or the South Direction. The practitioner has to sit facing this direction, while practicing the Maran Mantra Prayog.

4] The Aasan or seat should be the skin of a buffalo [Bhains Ka Chamda]  or a seat made from iron.

5] The chances of success in any Maran Prayog will be higher if the practitioner wears black colored clothes.

6] Black colored offerings to the Havan, will prove to be most beneficial in increasing the power of the Maran Mantra.

7] Adding Hum-हुम् at the end of the Maran Mantra will make it stronger. This is not a fixed rule and will not apply if a specific Maran Mantra has been prescribed.

8] The practitioner has to make a red colored triangle with the Ram- रं Beej in the center of the triangle, The Goddess to be worshiped is Bhadrakali. The image of the Yantra is given below, it is not a representation of the actual Yantra and has only been given for information purposes.

Representation of Bhadrakali Yantra with Ram- रं Beej Mantra

Notes- As per the Maran Tantra, Maran Mantras should never be used against women, children or holy persons. They are primarily to be used for self-preservation and not as revenge spells to simply kill someone.

Another important point to be kept in mind is the Maran Mantras will prove to be most effective when the target is going through a malefic astrological transit or an unfavorable Dasha or Antardasha.  This mean that the chances of success are the highest when the astrological position of the targeted person is weak.


  1. I believe in making enemies kneel down and churning out their self confidence. They should be thoroughly ashamed and treated with humilation everywhere they go. That is the real punishment. Killing a person will make him free. That is why I am against maran mantras.

    1. That is too lame a reaction to give back to an evil doers. My sister was killed by a vicious ex wife of my father. Now she is trying to do the same to me so her bastard children can get my father's inheritance. She made my sister punish for nothing before dying and I shall see she get the same punishment and more for her wickedness with no mercy!

  2. i want to die plz give me some mantras pz

    1. Why you want to kill self? Mantra or Tantra is never used to kill anybody or kill himself, its always use for good purpose, why you want this kinds of mantra say me, I will solved your problem by proper advice.


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