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Immense Benefits of Ganapati Atharvashirsha

In this post, I have described the importance and the immense benefits of the Ganapati Atharvashirsha in removing self-doubt, mental insatiability and inability to concentrate or focus upon anything. People having fickle or volatile minds can find the Ganapati Atharvashirsha very useful in making their minds calm and composed.

The Ganapati Atharvashirsha is a most ancient Vedic Prarthana, which is dedicated to Shri Ganesha as the Ever-Existent One, the One who is sum total of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. By reciting the Ganapati Atharvashirsha, the practitioner practices the highest kind of Meditation on the Supreme Reality, symbolized by Shri Gaanesha.

It is a tried and tested prayer for removing all kinds of Klesh, which in the context of this post means not only physical and mental strife, obstacles, discomfort and problems, but also ignorance and fear.

In short, the dedicated chanting of the Ganapati Atharvashirsha will remove all kinds of poison from the system and replace it with mental stability, peace and auspiciousness. Prosperity and material benefits are also some of the by-products of this Prarthana.

People having Paap Graha like Rahu, Ketu or Shani along with or conjoined the Moon in their Kundali can find the regular recitation of the Ganapati Atharvashirsha very useful.

This Prarthana is also recommended for people showing symptoms of madness, delusions and extreme paranoia. Such people can overcome these problems with the regular practice of this Prarthana.

The Ganapati Atharvashirsha can also be very useful for those students who have lost interest in their studies or who are unable to concentrate upon anything for long because their minds starts wavering and irrelevant thoughts keep on entering their minds.

 Ganesh Mantra ॐ गं गणपतये नमः - Om Gan Ganapataye Namah

Best way to chant the Ganapati Atharvashirsha:

Sit down comfortably and recite the Ganapati Atharvashirsha, once daily, there is no need to perform any special Puja-Vidhi.

It is recommended that the Ganapati Atharvashirsha should be recited 21 times, in the evening on the auspicious day of Sankashti Chaturthi, every month.

Along with the regular recitation of the Ganapati Atharvashirsha, chanting the Ganesh Mantra- ॐ गं गणपतये नमः - Om Gan Ganapataye Namah, can also prove to be most beneficial.

Note- If a woman is doing this Sadhana, she should take care to avoid doing it during her Monthly Cycle.
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  1. English language pls translate

  2. One mala of red sandal wood or just omce and what should be the diet and is it benificial to mantain brahmacharya ...thank u sir

  3. After reading the atharvshirsha is it necessary to read its benefits also

  4. Why avoid during monthly cycle? God only has created this "monthly cycle", right?

    1. The thing is it may affect a woman in an undesired way during menstrual period. As menstrual cycle causes changes in a woman's body, the effect of stotra may be undesired. Though, one can't force you to not to chant. So you may try!

    2. Yeah it's may be right ! But I think god created a women's cycle , so it's a wonderful gift , and by praying to God in periods she got happiness and destress they why should not she ?

    3. Follow the rules and regulations and don't bring unnecessary questions/arguments. Can you argue that I will drive in the right lane where you're only allowed to drive in the left? If you do so then law will punish you, so just follow the rules. And if you still want to follow what you want follow it but don't create stir. God created poo too, do you want to eat that too? Learn respecting our own traditions which are there for a scientific purposes.

      BONUS FACT: Hinduism is the only mainstream religion which worships God in the female form – for wealth (Lakshmi), education (saraswati), and courage too (Durga) – we worship Goddesses. What greater women empowerment can there be? To accuse Hinduism of gender disparity is beyond ridiculous!

      An orchestrated effort is being made, or should I say, has been made for several years now, to denigrate Hindu customs and culture. In the whole uproar over Sabarimala, the issue being tom-tommed by pseudo liberals is Women’s rights – gender equality, and especially the whole taboo surrounding menstruation – and all of it is nothing but a distortion, and concoction, where the narrative is being twisted to suit the agenda of certain vested interests.

  5. There are some rules and regulations from anicient time. during monthly cycle some surroundings become impure and ladies wants rest as lot of hempglobin becomes outwards from body. Not during only montly cycles, no holy prayers should be offred during urin or stool pass ,bath room ,toilet room even thogh it is also made by God. Hopefully, it is clear now for the women who makes undue arguements.

    1. @Sayali potdar : u can continue ur chanting , mentally dont pronounce or chant louder ... mental chanting .... during cycle...

    2. Dear Ms Sayali Potdar,

      Our shastras mention certain rules not to disregard any gender as such, but keeping in mind the way a woman's body or system changes during the monthly cycle, such recommendations are mentioned by our sages who have authored several vedic literary texts.

      Under no circumstances should one believe today that menstruation cycles make or create an impure environment or is dirty, but surely it's associated with excretion or secretion. Some associate guilt, uncleanliness or other negative emotions. These may have come up due to the culture one has grown up in, the views of one's folks or some other events in life. .

      What is important is that we listen to our bodies during this time.

      So here's a rational explanation why mantras or spiritual chants are better avoided during the cycle and it is due to the following reason:

      Menstruation flow is downward, and mantras when chanted especially Ganapathi and Durga mantras, a devotee focuses on the lower chakras, Muladhara and Svadhisthana, which correspond to the uterus and organs that are responsible for excretion from the body.

      Chants raise kundalini energy creating spiritual awareness at the Ajna chakra and above (Sahasrara chakra), located in our mind temple.

      Since these energies are opposed, the flow of the cycle might get affected as the body is creating opposing energies.

      Menstruation is a very delicate process involving hormonal changes.

      Hormonal fluctuations are the prime reason for many diseases especially with respect to the reproductive system and fertility.

      Therefore sages who mostly were men in the distinctive era, when our vedas and smritis were written, didn't in any way have any intention to disregard female gender but rather take care because we are the gender who brings life and gives birth on this planet.

      Rather than loud chants, relaxation techniques such as yoga nidra can be very beneficial for women in clearing away any negativity and in bringing acceptance and positivity of one's self. Also, one can practice simple breathing and mindfulness techniques. If one must continue spiritual practice, Manasa puja or mentally chanting 'Om' helps relax and ward off negative emotions and restlessness.

      Hope this helps.

  6. Mr Joshi, I agree things could have been unhygienic in ancient times, but now the hygiene around periods has improved immensely. Even then, this is no reason to stop women from praying outside of passing stool or urine. These are not undue arguments. It hurts and we help helpless if we get periods during important festival and are not able to celebrate it properly. We are anything but impure during the “monthly cycles”.

    1. Another aspect that I came across and maybe more women should true investigate and explore it. a) Women are "Shakti" during their monthly cycle, they tend to get "more powerful". So the Religious leaders did not want them to be strong so came up with "hygiene" excuse. b) The Ancient traditions and true knowledge of scripture where women performed meditation/yoga. Allowed them to avoid having "menstrual cycle every month" and they chose to have it only when they decided to conceive other times they simply did not have them............. Ancient Indian seers are tarnished by the so called "modern educated" who have not explored the depths of the culture themselves. Thank you.

    2. See, if you can correlate certain things vis-a-vis other certain rules, you can understand the practices around restriction of women participation under certain conditions.
      For example, there are some temples in south india where if a human discharge be it of men, women or even small babies falls inside the inner temple premise, the temple is closed and a full purification process of rituals is done. The temple charges money from the concerned family for the purification ritual and for the inconvenience. So generally even parents avoid taking small babies into crowded temple where it takes very long time to finish darshan. This is in case of adults too. Even if an adult be it man or woman happen to vomit in the premise, the same process is done.

      Now the same principle you can correlate to women in periods. There is an involuntary discharge from the body and any form of discharge from within the body through the genital, excretory organ or mouth is considered to spread a form of unpleasant energy in that enclosed premise. This can be extended to a religious function in one's home too. But because its a religious function in a private space of your home, you and your family can act to participate or abstain based on your conscience.

      I am not a very religious person. But we have a great set of belief systems and practices that are losing its sheen among this generation because the reason or the science behind these practices is not available because the previous generation(mostly our parents) failed to understand the reason and blindly followed their parents(our grand parents). But we in this generation are busy with too many activities and we dont believe in doing anything without knowing the reasons or science behind the rituals or practices. So we are seeing more conflicts. So we only need to educate ourselves the science behind these rituals and practices to start appreciating them.

      Hope my explanation was at least 10% beneficial if not 100% in answering the concern raised by you.

    3. That is why I posed this question. This post says that women should avoid chanting during the "monthly cycle". Even if I take into consideration your explanation - I can still chant the Atharvashirsha sitting in any corner of my house without going to the temple (which I am still against).
      The vomit and urine which causes purification of temple is for something coming out of the body visible to others. You might not even tell in a temple which woman is going through her periods.
      And if the "modern education" are tarnishing the ancient Indian beliefs, why don't the men do some deep exploration of the same ancient beliefs before posting such statements.
      Also yoga and meditation actually brings in the regularity of the periods and helps overcome other menstrual related problems. So I kindly request all the men to please check your facts before posting it.
      I will continue the chanting until I come across a proper logical scientific reason not to. Thank you!

    4. Do not question your rituals under the influence of media, TV, Bollywood and some so called rational authors. If you do not understand a bit, still follow your culture as it's created and implemented scientifically by our ancestors. They weren't fool and trust that so called modern western scientists are no match to them in any capacity. There are ample hidden benefits in following culture and traditions.

  7. But nobody is stopping any woman from chanting any mantras or hyms in their houses. And its an individual's choice whether he/she must abstain on certain days or not. If they are too concerned they should search for the exact reason that may be attributed to the societal rules imposed on people based on certain conditions or gender.


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