Yantra to Make Ghosts and Spirits Run Away

In this post, I have described an Yantra for repulsing or making ghosts, spirits and similar mystical beings run away and prevent them from causing any kind of physical or psychological harm to the practitioner.  This is a specific kind of Atma Raksha or Self-Protection Yantra for securing yourself from evil and dangerous spirits.

This ghostly being repulsing Yantra is a standalone talisman, which is prepared using a combination of unique numbers and letters that cumulatively vibrate to a specific frequency, which is said to repulse and remove ghosts and similar entities from the surroundings of the practitioner and stop or prevent them from bothering him.

The best thing about this Ghosts and Spirits repulsing Yantra is that it is free from any kind of infusion or energization procedure for activating it for actual use, which is the removal of ghosts and spirits from the vicinity of the practitioner.

Hindu Occult Exorcism Yantra to Make Ghosts and Spirits Run Away
Yantra to Repilse Ghosts and Spirits 

Another good thing about this Yantra is that it can be written with any kind of ink, like blue, black or red on white colored paper and it does not need to be worshiped nor do any special offering have to be made to this Yantra. This can be done on any day and there is no need to wait for any auspicious occasion for making or using this Yantra.

It can be kept in the pocket, purse or inserted in a cloth or metal locket and worn around the neck or the right wrist of the practitioner.

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  1. Every yantra or sadhana that you tell is for businessmen and shop owners and those who have lockers and safes. Everyone of us do not have lockers and safes where we keep money. We are not that rich. Please tell sadhanas for people like us who work and earn less.

  2. Guruji,
    Can this be made on copper

  3. Guruji.
    Pls suggest yantra for making entity to go away from inside me..and stop anyone from coming back in again..also physical..mental and monetary bandish done on me..pls suggest suitable yantra for relief..
    Extremely grateful for your guidance


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