Indian Paranormal Remedy to Cure Dumbness

In this post, I have written about an rare and interesting Indian Paranormal Healing Remedy, which is said to cure dumbness or the inability to speak, in children. This Upay is applicable to those children who are dumb from birth or those who have become dumb as a result of some injury, disease or surgery.

The procedure given below should be followed in order to practice this remedy.

This remedy does not need the chanting of any kind of Mantra and only the procedure given in this post has to be followed.

1] This remedy has to be practiced for 40 days, it can be started on any day.

2] The practitioner has to visit a Peepal Tree and light a Diya of Ghee near the trunk of the Peepal Tree and take a pledge that he is going to practice this remedy upon himself or his child or some other person and on the successful completion of the remedy, he will come back and light a Ghee Diya and offer Prasad to the Peepal Tree. After this, he should go back to his home and start the remedy.

Upay to Cure Muteness or Dumbness in children and adults

3] In the evening, the practitioner has to pour clean drinking water in a skull of a tortoise and immerse 5 Almonds or Badam in the Hindi language in the water.

4] In the morning, the practitioner has to drink that water and eat the 5 Almonds.

The practitioner should make sure that the tortoise skull has dried up completely and is clean and hygienic.

The home remedy can also be attempted by adults suffering from Muteness.

This procedure should be sincerely practiced for 40 days and if the practitioner or the person whom he is treating starts speaking, then he should go back to the Peepal Tree and light the Ghee Diya and offer the Prasad to the tree.

Note- This site is in no position to vouch for the success of this Paranormal Healing Remedy to cure Muteness.

The article has been published to give interesting information on rare, ancient and unique Indian Paranormal Remedies and Tone-Totke and Upay of all kinds.

The tortoise is a harmless animal and should not be harmed for any reason.

If anyone practices this remedy and gets success, please share your experiences in the comments section for the benefit of other readers. 


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