Important Points for Practicing Stambhan Prayog

Stambhan mean to stop or prevent the actions of any person or a group of persons. Stambhan also means the prevention of acts of nature,  accidents and calamities like rainfall, the spread of fire or the immobilization of the actions of voilent and dangerous animals, reptiles and parasites.

The basic guidelines for practicing a Stambhan Prayog have been given below, these guidelines will not apply if a specific type of Stambhan Mantra or set of procedures have been prescribed.

The best period- The most effective period of the year for practicing Stambhan Mantra Experiments is the Shishir Ritu or the winter season. The chances of getting success in any Stambhan Prayog are the highest during this period.

The best timings – The period before Sunrise is the most beneficial timing for practicing a Stambhan Prayog.

The most beneficial Nakshatras- Bharani, Rohini, Chitra, Uttara Bhadrapada, Uttarashada and Uttara Phalguni are the most fruitful Nakshatras and the chances of success are bright during the periods of these Nakshatras.

Direction- Stambhan Experiments should be practiced facing the East Direction.

Aasan – Gajacharma or the skin of an elephant.

Clothes- Yellow colored clothes are most favorable for practicing Stambhan Prayogas.

Havan- Yellow colored items are considered the best offerings for a Stambhan Prayog.

Mandala- An Ashtakon Mandala prepared using Haldi Paste having the Lam- लं Beej in the center.  The Aadhar Shakti is Vasundhara and the Kriyavati Shakti is Ramadevi, who is meditated as having a Pitambari Complexion and seated on a golden throne.

लं-Lam Beej Mantra for Stambhan Prayog

Composition of Stambhan Mantras- Mantras ending with वषट्- Vashat are used for these experiments, however, this rules does not apply when a specific Stambhan Mantra has been prescribed.

Note- This site has published numerous Stambhan Mantra – Yantra Experiments over the past many years. This post is not intended to supplement those experiments because in most of the cases specific procedures have been prescribed.

However, any Sadhak wishing to practice a Stambhan Mantra-Yantra Prayog where the procedure has not been given can, if he desires follow these recommendations, which are described in the Stambhan Tantra.


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