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Remedy for Finding Lost Money and Valuables

In this post, I have written about a rare Indian Paranormal Remedy, which makes a use of a magical paste or Lep for finding or recovering your lost money or valuables. This is a standalone Tantra and it does not need the chanting of any kind of Mantra, Stotra or any special kind of ritual or worship, in order to practice it for getting back your lost, money.

The remedy can be practiced on any day, there is no need to wait for an auspicious occasion in order to practice this remedy.

The practitioner has to collect a small portion of the roots of the nine plants mentioned below. I have also given the common English names of these plants along with the original Hindi/ Sanskrit names.

Indian Paranormal Remedy for Finding Lost Money and Valuables

1]  Chita – Chitrak or Leadwar Plant
2] Turai – Ridged Gourd in English
3] Danda Thuhar – Common Milk Hedge Plant
4] Safed Aak – White variety of Sodom Apple
5] Vishnukranta – Morning Glory Plant
6] Vach – Sweet Flag Plant
7] Patha – Velvet Leaf Plant
8] Samalu – Five Leaved Chaste Tree
9] Kadvi Tumbi – Bitter Bottle Gourd Plant

These plant roots have to be taken in equal quantity and mixed with the seeds of the two plants mentioned below, which also have to be taken in equal quantity.

1] Neem – Indian Lilac Tree
2] Nagkesar- Indian Rose Chestnut Tree

Then, the practitioner has to make a fine paste of all these plant parts by grounding them together on a grinding board.

Then, this magical past has to be applied to the soles of the feet, while going to search for the lost money or valuables.

As per the Tantra, this will enable the practitioner to find or see his lost money or valuables and regain their possession successfully.

Note- Many more Paranormal Remedies, Tone- Totke and Upay relating to money and wealth, which do not need the use of Infusion Mantras can be seen in the sections – Paranormal Remedies for Money and Wealth and Remedies from the Lal Kitab


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