Important Principles for Videshan and Uchchatan Experiments

In this post, I have described certain important principles connected to Uchchatan and Videshan Mantra, Yantra and Tantrik Experiments, which are practiced to remove or divide enemies who are causing problems or trying to harm the practitioner or his friends and family members.

For Uchchatan Experiments
Uchchatan means to uproot an enemy from a specific place and make him run away or to throw him out from your life. The basic principles of Uchchatan Mantra, Yantra or Tantric Experiments are given below.

1] The best months for practicing an Uchchatan Prayog -  Bhadrapada and Shravana as per the Hindu Panchang are the most fruitful months, which give results quickly. These months correspond to approximately the period of late July to Mid-September as per the Western Calendar.

2] The most effective period – Dusk time is considered most beneficial for any kind of Uchchatan Experiment.

3] The best direction- Vayavya Disha or the North West Direction.

4] Aasan – Murg Charma or Deer Skin.

5] The Mandala- A Hexagon or Shatkon Vayumandal prepared using black colored items, with the Yam-यं Beej in the center of the Mandala. The Goddess to be worshiped in Durga Mata.

Yam-यं Beej Mantra for Uchchatan Prayog

5] Mantras- Mostly ending with Fatt-फट.

For Videshan Experiments
Videshan Mantra, Yantra and Tantrik Prayog are practiced when 2 or more people or enemies are creating problems or trying to harm the practitioner. In such cases these experiment are used to divide the enemies and create fights and disagreements among the enemies.

1] The most effective period- Grishma Ritu or the Summer Season is said to give the best results in any Videshan Prayog.

2] The best timings- Videshan Prayog is normally practiced in the afternoons.

3] Beneficial Nakshatras- Ardra, Punarvasu, Pushya, Ashlesha, Moola and Jyeshta are the most beneficial Nakshatras for these kind of experiments.

4] Aasan- Geedad Ka Charma or the Skin of a Jackal or an Iron Seat is used for Videshan Experiments.

5] Mandala- A Round or Golakaar having the Kham-खं Beej in the center. The Golakaar should be prepared using smokey colored items and the Goddess to be worshiped in Dhumavati Mata.

Kham- खं  Beej Mantra for Videshan Prayog

6] The smokey color is considered to give the best results in any Videshan Prayog, the practitioner should wear smokey colored clothes, while practicing these experiments. Smokey colored items should also be offered to a Havan, if it is being performed for a Videshan Prayog.

7] Mantras- Mantra ending with Fatt-फट are normally used in Videshan Experiments.

Notes- These are general prescriptions and will not apply if a specific Tantra has been recommended for practicing these experiments.

Many different types of Videshan and Uchchatan Experiments can be seen in the sections on -
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  1. Dear Guru, the beneficial nakshatras for videshan mantras can be the same for uchchatan mantras?


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