Yantra to Exorcise Ghosts and Make them Speak

In this post, I have written about a special Yantra for the purpose of exorcising a Ghost, Spirit or Demon from the body of a possessed person and then talking to that Being. The simple procedure of making and using this Ghost Removal Yantra has been described below, in this post,

Even though, this site has published other Ghosts Removal Yantras and Charms over the past few years, this Yantra serves the dual purpose of exorcising a Ghost and making it talk.

There is no Mantra or any other kind of worship associated with this Yantra and it can be prepared and used whenever it is needed for the purpose mentioned above.

Hindu Occult Talisman to Exorcise Ghosts and Make them Speak

1] Draw the Yantra on White Paper with any ink, blue, black or red.

2] Then, burn the Yantra and let the possesses person smell the smoke, which is emitting from the burning Yantra.

3] This will exorcise the Ghost or Evil Spirit from the body of the possessed person, When the Ghost comes out of the body, it will be in extreme anguish and discomfort and it will start talking.

4] The practitioner can take advantage of the uncomfortable position of the Ghost and ask it whatever he wishes and then firmly ask it to go away and leave the possessed person alone and stop bothering him.

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