Remedy to Appease Guru and Shani at Same Time

If it is possible for you and if your financial position permits, you can try this simple and easy to practice astrological remedy to appease both Jupiter and Saturn or Brihaspati and Shani Dev, at the same time and get their blessings. If you get the support of these 2 most powerful planets, then you will enjoy all kinds of material luxuries and at the same time get protection from all kinds of obstacles and dangers.

The Remedy - The only thing you have to do to practice this astrological remedy is to give sufficient food to an elderly person on Thursdays and to a poor person, like a beggar on Saturdays.

Remedy to Appease Jupiter and Saturn at Same Time

If you do this regularly from the bottom of your hear and without expectation or greed, then you will surely be able to appease both Dev Guru Brihaspati and Shani Dev at the same time and reap immense benefits.

A powerful Jupiter will give enhance and increase your intelligence, make you a strong and forceful speaker, give wealth and abundance and all kinds of material luxuries and good spouse and off-springs.

A powerful Jupiter will make you easily  tide over dangers, including enemy related threats.

With a strong and supportive Saturn, you  will never lack for anything in life. You will always get support at crucial moments in life, including unexpected and last moment support.

A strong Saturn is most important for overnight success, many persons, who tasted overnight success in life had a Strong Saturn in their horoscopes, mostly in the 10th house of their Lagna Kundali.

Saturn appears to be an a slow moving planet, which moves at its own pace, but when it picks up speed, it is unstoppable. You need the support of  a beneficial Saturn to remove enemies and foes from your path.

As mentioned above, if you perform this Totka selflessly without expectation, then success will be yours. If you start expecting results immediately, then, they will not come, until you stop expecting anything in return.

I know, it is very difficult to perform any paranormal remedy without expectation or wanting something or the other in return. But, remember that most truly enlightened people always say “You will find God when you stop trying”

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