Yantra for Fear of Dead Bodies and Funerals

In this post, I have written about a special Yantra for removing the fear of dead bodies or going to a crematorium or Smashan Bhumi for attending the last rites of a dead person. Many people have a fear or phobia of seeing dead bodies or funerals because they feel that the spirit of the dead person or other spirits, which frequent a crematorium might attack them or even enter their bodies.

In such case, the Tantric performs a small ritual in which he takes the ingredients, given below in his right hand. The Hindi language names have also been given next to the English names.

Black Gram- Kale Chane in Hindi
Black Gram Lentils- Sabut Urad Dal
Black Mustard Seeds- Kale Sarson
Black Sesame Seeds- Kale Til
A little bit of Sandalwood- Chandan

And then, he performs an Utara of the person who believes that he is possessed or going to get possessed, by rotating these ingredients 7 times, in a clockwise manner, around the head of that person.

He, then throws these ingredients on a street corner, where 4 roads meet.

Along with this, the Yantra shown in the image is prepared on a Bhojpatra using Ashtagandha Paste as the ink and a small pointed wooden stick as the pen.

Hindu Exorcism Yantra for Fear of Dead Bodies and Funerals
Yantra for Fear of Dead Bodies 

The Yantra is then worshiped by placing it on a wooden board and lighting incense and an oil lamp before the Yantra.

Then, the Yantra is inserted in a metal locket or cloth Taveez and given to the fearful person to wear around his neck or on the right wrist as a protective talisman.

Both the steps, which are described are part of the same paranormal remedy for removing the fear or phobia of being infected with the spirits of dead bodies. They are performed simultaneously on the affected person for exorcising this phobia from this mind.

Note- Please do a site search for many more remedies, Yantras, Mantras and Tone-Totke and Upay for similar problems.


  1. यंत्र में जहां 'देवदत्त 'लिखा है ,वहाँ उस व्यक्ति का नाम लिखना है ,जिसके लिए यंत्र बनाया है

    1. That is correct, the name should be written in place of Devdutt.

  2. Sir I donyd know how ..but Everytime I am having some problem...within 1 or 2 days you post a relevant remedy for it and it always work for me
    Thanks a lot sir


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