Voodoo Black Magic Spells to Ruin an Enemy

Two Voodoo Black Magic Spells to make an enemy or any other person fail in everything that he does and to ruin an enemy have been described in this post. These are standalone revenge spells, which are free from any kind of prayer or Mantra.

At the start, I must mention that these revenge spells should be used with utmost care and caution and they should not be used to unnecessarily harass any innocent person or just for trivial purposes or for fun.

Voodoo Black Magic Spells to Make an Enemy Fail

 Voodoo Black Magic Revenge Spell to make an enemy fail in everything
1] The practitioner has to obtain 7 thorns of the Babool Tree or Acacia Nilotica in English during the specific period of the Purva Nakshatra or the Delta Leonis Constellation on any Friday.

2] Then, he has to wrap each of these 7 thorns in 7 different colored silk threads.

3] Lastly, he has to bury these 7 thorns in the compound of the house or the targeted enemy or if the enemy lives in an apartment, then, he has to hide these 7 thorns inside the house of that enemy.

4] This Tantra will make an enemy fail in everything that he does and no matter how hard he tries he will still end up as a failure.

5] The spell can be removed by the practitioner by removing the 7 thorns from the premises of the enemy.

Voodoo Black Magic Spell to ruin an enemy
1] During the period of the Pushya Nakshatra or the Delta Cancri Constellation, the practitioner has to bury a 4 Angul long human bone, which works out to about 3 inches inside the compound of the house of the enemy or as in the above experiment hide it in the home of the enemy, if he lives in an apartment.

2] This spell ruins and devastates the enemy and all those who live in the same house.

3] The method of removing this Voodoo Revenge Spell is the same as the one described in point Number 5 of the first spell.

Notes- Information given in this post is based on the Shatru Maran Tantra and has only been described in this post to give knowledge about these Paranormal Black Magic Practices to annihilate enemies and rivals and not to induce any person to practice it.

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