Aghor Tantra to Make Enemy Suffer in Every Way

In this post, I have written about a Aghor or Fierce Tantra to make an enemy suffer mentally and physically in every possible way with the help of a Ghost. This Tantra uses objects that are used in Hindu Cremation Rites to attract the Ghost and unleash it on the enemy.

This Tantra is used by highly advanced Aghora Tantriks and Sadhus for destroying their enemies or the enemies of their clients.

The Vidhi or procedure of practicing this Aghora Tantra to make an enemy suffer has been given below. 

1] To practice this Shatru Nashak Tantra, the practitioner has to somehow procure a burning coal from under the back of a burning corpse of a Teli or Thakur.

This has to be done on a Saturday and the practitioner has to keep a close watch on a Samshan Bhoomi to find out if the dead body of a Thakur or Teli has been brought to the Samshan Bhoomi for cremation.

2] Then, the practitioner has to put some liquor or wine in his mouth and gargle it over the piece of coal.

3] The first two steps are practiced in the Samshan Bhoomi itself and after performing the second step, the practitioner has to take the coal and go to back to his house or any other lonely place without looking back over his shoulder.

4] Then, he has to light Guggul Dhoop to prepare a small fire and the put One Batasha into the fire. This Kriya is said to appease a Ghost who will help the practitioner in harassing the enemy.

5] Then, the practitioner has to draw the Yantra given below on a small piece of the cloth that has been used to cove a dead body.

This piece of a cloth is called in the Hindi language as “Kafan Ka Tukda”

The name of the enemy and the father of the enemy has to be written below the Yantra as Amuk [name of enemy] son of Amuk [name of Father of the enemy].

The Yantra and the name of the enemy has to be written with a mixture of the powder of the same piece of coal and Hartal or Yellow Orpiment Mineral in the English language. A small pointed wooden stick or an iron nail can be used as the writing instrument.

Indian Voodoo Talisman to make enemy suffer in every way

7] Then, the Yantra should be kept on the ground and the practitioner should keep beating it with his shoes, slippers or any other kind of footwear.

This Tantra is said to make the enemy suffer mentally and physically in every possible way with the help of the Ghost.

Notes- This enemy destruction or Shatru Nashak Tantra is only meant for advanced Sadhaks of the Aghor Panth and others should stay way from this most dangerous and life threatening paranormal ritual.

See the sections of Mantra and Tantra for Enemies and Yantra for numerous Mantras, Yantras, Charms, Talismans and Voodoo Spells to resolve any kind of problems related to enemies, rivals and competitors.


  1. Dear Nil Sir ,
    At 16 July 2019, can I chant below Hanuman Mantra for this period ?

    1. Yes, you can chant that mantra during that period.

  2. "ॐ जूं सः"का उच्चाटन ,मारण आदि षट्कर्मो में निम्नानुसार प्रयोग किया जाता है .प्रत्येक के लिए जप संख्या एक लाख है --
    १.ॐ जूं सः अमुकं में वशमानय सः जूं ॐ .
    २.ॐ जूं सः अमुकं /अमुकीं आकर्षय आकर्षय सः जूं ॐ .
    ३ .ॐ जूं सः अमुकं स्तम्भय स्तम्भय ठ : ठ:सः जूं ॐ.
    ४ .ॐ जूं सः अमुकं मोहय मोहय सः जूं ॐ .
    ५.ॐ जूं सः अमुकं उच्चाटय उच्चाटय सः जूं ॐ .
    ६.ॐ जूं सः अमुकं मारय मारय घे घे सः जूं ॐ .
    मारण के लिए निम्न मन्त्र का सवा लाख जप अपेक्षित है --
    ॐ नमः काल संहाराय अमुकं हन हन क्रीं हुं फट भस्मी कुरु स्वाहा .
    आर्द्रपटी (आर्द्र =गीला /पट=वस्त्र )नामक अभिचार क्रिया यों है --
    प्रणवो हृदयँ भगवति चामुण्डे रक्तवाससे अप्रतिहत रूप पराक्रमे अमुक वधाय विचेतसे स्वाहा .
    --मन्त्र का किसी समुद्रगामिनी नदी के किनारे दक्षिण मुख बैठकर बांह
    उठाकर गीला लाल पहने हुए जप करे .जब तक गीला वस्त्र सूखेगा ,तब तक के समय के भीतर शत्रु का प्राण सूखता जाएगा .(आर्द्र रक्त पटेनावृतःसमुद्र गामिनी नदीतीरे ऊषरभूमौ वा दक्षिणामुख ऊर्ध्वबाहुर जपेत,यावत पट :शुष्यति ,तावत प्राणाः शुष्यन्ति शत्रोः )


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