Taweez for Protection from Ghosts and Evil Entities

In this post, I have written about a Totka or Paranormal Remedy for protection from Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons that is practiced without the need for chanting any kind of Mantra or Prayer. This Totka can easily be practiced using 3 simple ingredients to make a Suraksha or Protection Taweez.

This Paranormal Remedy is suitable for those people who think that they are affected by Ghosts, Spirits and other invisible Ghostly Energies and do not wish to spend their hard-earned money by hiring the services of a Tantrik or magician.

Even if the Tantrik is genuine he will provide you with a solution that is most likely to be easily available to you for free. This site has over the past many years provided many free and do-it-yourselves paranormal solutions of all kinds to countless people of all faiths, regions, and religions.

Talisman or Charm for Protection from Ghosts and Evil Entities

This Bhoot-Pret Nashak or Ghosts-Spirits Removal Totka can be practiced by following the simple steps given below. 

1] The Totka should be practiced only on a Sunday morning after having a bath and wearing fresh clothes.

2] The practitioner has to take the 3 ingredients named below-
8 Tulsi Leaves-Tulsi is called as the Holy Basil Plant in the English language.
8 Kali Miri or Black Peppercorns.
1 small portion of the root of the Sahadevi Plant-it is called as Vernonia cinerea or Little Ironweed or Ash colored Fleabane in English. This plant is extensively used in the preparation of Ayurveda Medicines and is easily available in shops selling Ayurveda Products.

3] These 3 ingredients have to be inserted in a Taweez prepared using a black colored cloth and then tied with a black colored thread around the neck as a protective talisman or charm.

As pointed out earlier, there is no need to chant any Mantra or Prayer or perform any ritual in order to make and use this Bhoot-Pret Nivaran Taweez.

Note- See the sections on Exorcism Mantra and Rituals and other sections of this site for numerous other remedies for protection from Ghosts, Demons, Vampires and other dangerous entities.


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