Mantra to Connect with Gandharvas

In this post, I have written about a Mantra for knowing the language of Gandharvas and being able to connect with them, becoming a scholarly and knowledgeable person and at the same time become physically strong and bear sons.

Gandharvas are generally believed to be good looking and handsome male mystical heavenly beings who are connected to acting, singing and dancing and are said to be the attendants of Chandra Dev.

The Mantra for getting this supernatural power has been given in the Ravan Samhita, which is a text on Mantra Vidya that is said to have been given by Lord Shiva to the Demon King Lankapati Ravan.

Mantra to Connect with Gandharva Tantra

The original and untampered version of the Ravan Samhita is said to contain some of the most powerful and potent Mantra Sadhanas and Occult Spells of all kinds, including those related to Maran, Uchchatan, Videshan, Sammohan, and Vashikaran.

However, it is unclear whether the original version of the Ravan Samhita exists.

The Siddhi Sadhana for this Mantra Sadhana is simple and uncomplicated. The Ravan Samhita has not prescribed any form of worship or ritual for gaining Mantra Siddhi other than what is mentioned below.

The Mantra for being able to connect with Gandharvas has to be chanted 3000 times every night until the secrets of the Gandharva Tantra are revealed to the practitioner.

ॐ ह्रीं गौर्गोपतये नमः ||
Om Hreem Gourgopataye Namah ||

The number of nights needed is for gainingMantra Siddhi is not mentioned, which means that this entirely depends upon the fortunes of the practitioner, he could gain Siddhi in one night or after a few nights or never.

Note- I anyone has practiced such Mantras, then they can share their experiences with other readers of this site. 


  1. What should be taken in food,what are the rrstrictions

  2. In Quora someone wrote about some events that happened in the shooting location of the movie Njan Gandharvan (I am Gandharva). Some bad events happened and everyone urged the producer to abandon the movie. The person in Quora told that Gandharvas can be quite tricky in dealing with. Even in Mahabharata, when Arjuna was wandering around at night and came across the forest where Gandharvas were having leisure time, they didn't it. Gandharva asked Arjuna what is a human doing during Gandharvayama. Then a fight ensued.

  3. A few years ago, I used to write a blog of stories I read in amarchitrakatha and other story books. One day I happened to write a story from Ocean of Stories which involved a Gandharva and my system blew up. :-)

  4. Instead of hrim beej I read hrum beej in ravan sanhita.


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