Do Apsaras and Yakshinis Really Exist

1] Do Apsaras, Yakshinis, Paris, Yoginis, Karna Pishachini, and other invisible beings really exist?
2] Can I attract these beings by practicing Mantra Sadhanas and be able to enchant them?
3] Can I make a Yakshini, Yogini or Pari live with me as my wife/friend/sister/mother?
4] Can I get supernatural powers from these feminine entities?
These are some of the most common questions, which are regularly asked by our readers.

Before answering these questions, I would like you to take a close look at these famous verses – Jaaki Bhavna Bhavna Jaisi…... - Shri Ramcharitmanas and Ye Yathā Māṁ Prapadyante…. - Srimad Bhagavad Geeta

The meaning of both these verses from two of the most sacred and holiest texts in the Hindi religion is that – God will appear in front of the devotee in the form in which the devotee visualizes him. The meaning can also be taken as - God will give the devotee what he is striving for desperately.

Shri Ramcharitmanas and Bhagwat Geeta

A few important points to think about.
1] God is everywhere around us and even inside us and everything else in the Universe. This everything also includes our mind-thoughts and consciousness.

2] Apsaras, Pishachinis, Devis, Shakinis, Dakinis and other mystical beings fantasized and coveted by most practitioners of these Sadhanas are also different forms of the countless energies of God and they also exist everywhere around us. These beings like everything else are also a part of God.

Now about the Vashikaran of Apsaras, Yanshinis and other mystical entities.
1] The practitioner can attract these beings by practicing specific Mantra Sadhanas and Experiments and also be able to control them or be their friend or be able to establish an intimate relationship with them.

2] As pointed out repeatedly over the past many years success depends upon the intensity and will-power with which such Saadhanas are practiced by the practitioner. Half-hearted attempts or attempts without belief or just to see what happens will be fruitless efforts that will give no results and be a waste of time.

3] If one is able to make God manifest, then surely one is also capable of making Apsaras, Yakshinis, Paris and other beings also manifest and get his wishes and desires fulfilled by them.

4] The most important point to remember is the motive or purpose for which the practitioner is invoking such beings. For example, if the practitioner is trying to invoke the being as a lover, the being will appear as a lover and so on.

5] If the practitioner is fearful of the entity, then the entity will not be under his control and could harm or even destroy him if anything goes wrong.

Over the past many years we have published experiences of readers regarding their inter-actions or encounters with Apsaras, Karna Pishachinis and other feminine beings,  some good and some bad or scary. Most of these experiences should be taken seriously because they are likely to be real and not mere hallucinations.

Note- See the section on Yakshini Mantras and Tantra for numerous Mantra Sadhanas and Prayogas to invoke a lot of unseen mystical entities.


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