Heem Beej Mantra to Fulfil Wishes and Desires

In this post, I have written about a very strong and beneficial wish or desire fulfillment Beej Mantra that can fulfill any deeply cherished wish or dream of the practitioner, including wishes related to love, removal of enemies, health, the gain of land, property, and money.

The Heem Beej that is used in the composition of this Mantra is not attributed as a Beej Mantra of any of the main Hindu Deities. However, it is many times seen as a part of some Mantras. I have also come across this Beej is some Kundalini Stimulating Mantras.

Heem Beej Mantra to make wishes come true

The Heem Beej is also used in combination with some other well known Beej Mantras, like Kleem and Shreem.

The practitioner should have full or total clarity in his mind about the exact wish or desire that he wishes to be fulfilled.  Many times it is seen people want too many things at the same time and by chanting the same Mantra. Such people fail to generate the will-power, self-confidence, and intensity needed in order to harness the vibration triggered-off by the Mantra and hence do not come anywhere close in getting success in the Mantra Experiment.

For fulfillment of any cherished wish or desire
The desire fulfilling Mantra is given below, it has to be chanted for a minimum of 1 Mala or 108 Mantra Chants per day or in multiples there-off.

Or it can be chanted for a fixed period of time per day, which should not be less than 15 minutes.

ॐ हीं हीं हीं ||
Om Heem Heem Heem ||

In order to fulfill a wish related to increasing attraction powers, good health, and healing, removing a disease, happiness, and pleasure, good mental and physical relations with the lover, husband or wife, and vitality the Mantra should be chanted using only a single Heeem with or without Om as shown below.

ॐ हीं ||
Om Heem ||

Or only – हीं || Heem || without Om.

Again, while chanting this variation of the Mantra, the practitioner should be very clear about what he desires and not chant the Mantra as general Mantra Chant.

How to Chant the Mantra
The practitioner should sit down comfortably and chant the Mantra in total silence. If the practitioner is practicing Kundalini Yoga, he can concentrate upon the Crown/Sahasrara/क्राउन चक्र/सहस्रार चक्र, while chanting the Mantra.

The practitioner can do either Mansik or Vachik Jaap, but not both. Any counting rosary, including a Rudraksha Jaap Mala, can be used if the practitioner decides to chant the Mantra for a fixed number of Mantra Chants.

Notes- In the future, I will try to give more information about the use of the Mantra Chant.

If any of our readers has practiced the chanting of this Mantra or has knowledge about it, they can share their experiences in the comments sections. 


  1. जैन तंत्र में "हीं"माया और त्रैलोक्य बीज का प्रतीक है ।

  2. Hi dear satyanidhi sir,sir it would be wonderful if you can please give your comments in english too sir,so that it can be read by others too who do not know hindi,as many are from other countries.for sir,you have vast knowledge about spirituality and mantras and it would be nice if we all can read and understand your comments.please satyanidhi sir.thank you sir

    1. Thanks for the comments.As you know I am an 81 years old ordinary reader
      of this site .Having interest in tantra mantra I visit these sites and seldom write comments .I'll try to give my comments in English .

  3. Dear neel sir..u have mentioned in your other articles that we can chant bija mantras without actually thinking or pondering over our wishes or needs,as the vibration of the bija mantra together with our sub conscious mind would fulfill our needs or wishes on its own.so neel sir is it possible to follow the same rule with this bija heem.a reply from you sir would be very helpful to all.thank you sir.

    1. Once you are chanting this or any other Mantra for fulfilling a wish, then you should concentrate on the Mantra and not keep thinking all the time about your wish because you will lose concentration,

  4. Thank you so much Mr. Satyanidhi sir.

  5. Thank you so much neel sir for answering and clarifying.

  6. Neel Ji. Is it ok to chant this in front of the picture of your friend you want to help? For instance, to make a wish so she can find a suitable husband?
    Also can you chant this while looking at the picture of someone you wish to return safe to you?

    1. Yes, if you are well versed with chanting such Mantras you can modify the method of chanting them. However, it is essential to fully concentrate upon a single desire or wish because trying too many things will make you lose concentration.

  7. Hello Sir,

    Appreciate your help. I had relocated to mumbai from hyd after getting a job offer and after joining on 22nd Oct...I was notified on 28th Nov 2019 to resign. I had got two months notice till 24 Jan for that. However post returning to hyderabad I am yet to get a job. Appreciate your help and guidance here.

  8. Hi Sir, my DOB is 01 Oct 1974/Tinuskia/00:20 AM

  9. What is correct pronounce sometimes people chant heeng for heem ,kling for klim .
    Eastern part of India side generally do this ......I got 18 letters gopal mantra similarly as kling from guru in deeksha.
    So @neel ji and satyanidhi ji please clarify regarding this.


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