Evil Eye Removal Talisman for Children

In this post, I have explained a simple method of preparing at home an effective evil-eye or Buri Nazar repulsing and removing talisman, which can be used to to protect children from the ill-effects of the evil-gaze of any person, including a Tantric or Black Magician. This simple talisman can also be used by adults to shield themselves from any kind of malevolent glare.

If the child is regularly falling sick or getting hurt or if it is getting scared for no possible reason, then this simple evil-eye exorcism remedy can be tried to exorcise the evil-eye from the child,

This Totka should be practiced by following the simple method given below.

1] Place an order for an Ashtadhatu Kada on a Tuesday and collect it on a Saturday.  Ashta Dhatu is an alloy of eight different metals and an Ashtadhatu Kada is a simple bangle like bracelet, which is worn on the wrist. This Kada is easily available in the market.

Hindu Evil Eye Removal Talisman for Children

2] Then on Saturday, wash the Ashta Dhaatu Kada in Ganga Jal, if it is not possible for you to get Ganga Jal, then you can use clean and fresh drinking water for washing the Kada.

3] Apply a little bit of Shendur or red colored vermilion on a portion of the Kada and then give it to the child to wear on its right wrist or your right wrist, if you are going to use it to protect yourself.

If you wish, you can place the Ashtadhatu Kada on a wooden board and light Dhoop and Diya before the Ashtadhatu Kada and then chant the Hanuman Chalisa once, which can be seen here - The Hanuman Chalisa. This is not mandatory and you can perform this step depending upon your wish and your faith in Hanuman.

This simple looking evil-eye removal talisman is said to work effectively in protecting the user from the malevolent glare of any jealous or evil person.

Note- Many such simple, effective and easy to practice evil-eye removal remedies, charm and talismans can be seen in the section on – Exorcism Mantra and Rituals


  1. Thanks for sharing the information, its really helped me a lot. keep it up

  2. Sir
    Both Men and women should wear on right wrist only?


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