Mahalakshmi Mantra for Immense Wealth

In this post, I have written about a most powerful and effective Mahalakshmi Mantra for getting Immense Wealth of all kinds, including Money, Property, Cars, Gold and Jewelry and other Luxurious Items. The Wealth or Windfall can be gained instantly and suddenly or through unexpected sources, like a jackpot or lottery or inheritance.

This is a one-time Mahalakshmi Mantra Experiment and it should be performed with full confidence, faith and devotion in the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance.

The simple and easy to practice procedure of performing this Mantra Experiment has been given below.

Mahalakshmi Mantra for Sudden and  Immense Wealth

1] The Mahalakshmi Mantra Prayog for getting immense, unexpected or sudden wealth should be performed on a Saturday, in the morning after having a bath and wearing fresh and clean clothes.

2] The practitioner should clean and level the ground and place 7 Diyas on the ground, the Diyas should be prepared by using cow-dung.

3] Then, he should light the 7 Diyas and place a coconut in between them. The coconut should be a fresh one, which is filled with coconut water.

4] Then, he has to offer fresh flowers and dry-fruits to the Diyas.

5] After this, the practitioner has to chant the Mahalakshmi Mantra given below 108 times using rice grains. This means, chanting the Mantra and placing a rice grain before the Diyas. This has to be done 108 times in all.

महालक्ष्मी जी का अंग मिला विष्णु जी के संग |
सात बार महालक्ष्मी को करो याद विष्णु जी के साथ |
महालक्ष्मी विष्णु जी के आई संग ले धन घर आई |
नर-नारियों ने गीत गाये धुन महालक्ष्मी की लगाई |
धन का भरे भण्डार यह वेदों में बतलाई |
महालक्ष्मी का करो सतकार धर्म की रीत बतलाई |
Mahalakshmi Ji Ka Ang Mila Vishnu Ji Ke Sang |
Saat Baar Mahalakshmi Ko Karo Yaad Vishnu Ji Ke Saath |
Mahalakshmi Vishnu Ji Ke Aaee Sang Le Dhan Ghar Aaee |
Nar-Naariyon Ne Geet Gaaye Dhun Mahalakshmi Ki Lagaaee |
Dhan Ka Bhare Bhandaar Yah Vedom Mem Batalaaee |
Mahalakshmi Ka Karo Satakaar Dharm Ki Reet Batalaaee |

6] After, completing the Mantra Chanting, the rice grains have to be collected and given to birds to eat. The Diyas and flowers should be immersed in flowing water and the coconut and dry-fruits should be taken as Prasad.

Apart from the procedure given below, there are no restrictions or prescriptions regarding direction,  sitting mat or any other ritual or form of worship, in order to practice this Mantra Prayog.

Note- Many most effective and beneficial Mantras and Yantras dedicated to Mahalakshmi Mata can be seen in the section on – Lakshmi Mantras and Prayers


  1. इस पोस्ट में लक्ष्मीजी के साथ श्रीविष्णु का भी स्मरण किया गया है .लक्ष्मी साधकों को महालक्ष्मी
    पूजन के साथ श्रीविष्णु का भी पूजन अवश्य करना चाहिए ,तभी पूजन सफल होता है .श्रीअष्टलक्ष्मीमन्त्रसिद्धिविधानम् में प्रारम्भ में श्रीरमानाथध्यानं आवश्यक बताया है,उसके बाद श्री लक्ष्मी पूजा करनी चाहिए --श्रीवत्सवक्षसं विष्णुं चक्रशङ्खसमन्वितम् ।
    वामोरुविलसल्लक्ष्म्याऽऽलिङ्गितं पीतवाससम् ॥सुस्थिरं दक्षिणं पादं वामपादं तु कुञ्जितम् ।
    दक्षिणं हस्तमभयं वामं चालिङ्गितश्रियम् ॥शिखिपीताम्बरधरं हेमयज्ञोपवीतिनम् ।
    एवं ध्यायेद्रमानाथं पश्चात्पूजां समाचरेत् ॥

  2. IS THIS just a one-time mantra? Can it be used again?

    1. It is a one-time Mantra Prayog, which can be used again, if needed.

      Sir, can u pls guide if this procedure can be performed on open ground (temple open area where open space is available) or at home also or at a lonely place. Pls adv

    3. पोस्ट में इस सम्बन्ध में कोई स्पष्ट निर्देश नहीं हैं ,अतः पूजन कहीं भी किया जा सकता है .घर के पूजास्थल में यदि स्थान उपलब्ध है ,तो घर में करना अधिक उपयोगी और सुविधाजनक है .किसी भी अनुष्ठान,शुभकर्म ,पूजा के पूर्व गणपति का ध्यान पूजन आवश्यक है ,अतः निर्देश न होने पर भी इसे करना उचित होगा .

    4. Neel Ji PraNam
      Kya direct isis vidhi se pujan shuru karna hai atva ganesh ji va guru pujn bhi

    5. Diye toh 7 hain kya 7 baar 108 mantra jaap karna hai

    6. kya rice grain har diya k aage rakhna hai after completing one mantra

  3. is it a shabar mantra or vedik mantra

  4. Sir it means that one chat then 1 rice & again 1 chat & 1 rice like wise we have to put 108 rice in front of Diya ???

  5. Thank you Vabhav, I had the same question. Although here is what I am thinking. It is 1 mantra per grain per diya. Therefore, 1 diya 108 mnatras, 108 grains rice. Kindly correct me is I am wrong.

  6. rice grains याने अक्षत (अ+क्षत =जो खंडित न हों ,साबुत चावल ).पूजा में साबुत चावल का
    उपयोग करना चाहिए ,जो टूटे फूटे न हों .मन्त्र पढ़कर एक चावल का दाना नहीं ,बल्कि एक चुटकी अक्षत समर्पित करना चाहिए

    1. is vidhi mein saton diyon k aage ek ek chutki chawal rakhna hai ya ek chawal , kindly clarify

  7. neel ji plz prakaksh dalein k ek dana erakhna hai ya ek chutki aur sare diyon kmsamne rakhna hai ya sirf k diye k aage aur nariyal diyon ka gol bna kar unke beech me rakhna hai

    1. Saat Diyon ke Beech Nariyal Rakhna hai aur Mantra Bolkar 1 Dana Rakhna hai, Yah 108 Baar Karna ahai.

  8. Sir, I dont have access to cowdung diya, is there in that case ? Many Thanks.

  9. Neel ji can we use mitti Diya as in New Delhi it is difficult to get cow dung.In villages it will be easier..

    1. Cow Dung is the preffered item, but is unavailable, you can try using Mitti Ka Diya.

    2. Does this sadhna works for whole liftime after one time commenced or should to be use it to fulfill per desire request for anytime when needed.


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