Mantra to Make Settling Abroad Auspicious

In this post, I have written about an auspicious Mantra, which can be chanted if you are going abroad or to another city to settle there permanently or are being temporarily transferred as part of your job. This Mantra is also useful for people who are relocating to a foreign country or another city for business purposes.

This is a Siddh Jain Mantra and there is no Puja-Vidhi or Worship, involved in order to uses this Mantra, which is said to have the power to change a Ashubh Muhurat into a Shubh Muhurat or an inauspicious date into an auspicious date.

The procedure is simple, the practitioner has to chant the Mantra given below,  when he is actually leaving his home to go abroad or to the other city to settle down. He has to chant the Mantra seven times, while taking seven steps.

Indian Spell to Make Settling Abroad Auspicious

ॐ ह्रीं अर्हं शासन देवते सिद्धायके सत्यं दर्शय दर्शय कथय कथय स्वाहा ||
Om Hreem Arham Shaasana Devate Siddhaayake Satyam Darshaya Darshaya Kathaya Kathaya Swaha ||

These have to be the first seven step he takes after stepping out of the main door of his house.

There is another Tantra associated with the same Mantra, which, I have described below.

The practitioner has to take Sarson Ke Beej or Mustard Seeds and crush them to make a powder. Then, he has to mix this powder in Ankol Ka Tel and put is on a fame and evaporate it to make a thick mixture.

As per the Tantra, if this mixture is applied on a sole of shoes, which have been prepared using camel skin, the practitioner gets the supernatural power and strength to walk 100 Yojans and another 100 Yojans to return back to his home.

Yojans is an ancient traditional Indian method to measure distance. 100 Yojan equals 1229.54, Hence the practitioner gets the supernatural power and strength to travel 2459.08 kilometers without getting tired.


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