Hanuman Mantra to Quickly Solve Enemy Problems

The Lord Hanuman Mantra given in this post, is a part or the Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach, which is a most effective and magical divine armor for protection against any kind of black magic, evil force, invisible beings and seen and unseen enemies.  This Mantra has been attributed with the power of immediately solving any issues related to enemies.

The Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach is a Siddha Kavach and it protects the devotee from all kinds of dangers and also removes all obstacles from his path, thus helping him in fulfilling his wishes and enabling him to make progress in life.

Even though, the Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach is not a lengthy composition, chanting it can sometimes be difficult for a lot of people who are not fluent in Hindi or Sanskrit. Some others might not have the time to regularly practice the Sadhana of this Kavach. The full benefits and details about this composition can be seen here - Full Procedure of Chanting Panchamukhi Hanuman Kavach

Lord Hanuman Mantra to Quickly Get Freedom Enemy Problems

Hence, the use of some of the Mantras contained in the Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach can be made to resolve specific issues, including those related to enemies. This site has regularly published some of these Hanuman Mantras, which have helped our readers in resolving their problems.

The Hanuman Mantra given below has more than one variations and the one given below is one of them. We have also posted some other Hanuman Mantras that invoke Markatesh or Markat or Hari Markat.

This Mantra gives quick results in removing enemy related problems and it does not need to be Mastered, in order to use it for resolving any enemy related crises.

The simple steps given below have to be followed in order to make the Hanuman Mantra work effectively.

1] The Mantra Prayog can be practiced on a Saturday or Tuesday. The practitioner should take a bath and go to a Peepal Tree and take 11 Pradakshina of the Peeplal tree. This is done by circling the Peepal tree is a clockwise direction.

2] After this, the practitioner has to chant the Mantra given below 51 times, it is better that a Rudraksha Japa Mala be used to count the number of Mantra Chants.

मर्कटेश महोत्साह सर्वशोक विनाशन |
 शत्रून संहर मां रक्षा श्रियं दापय मे प्रभो ||
Markatesh Mahotsaha Sarvshoka Vinashana |
Shatroon Sanhar Mam Raksha Shriyam Dapaya Mein Prabho ||

3] After this, the practitioner has to offer a piece of Jaggery and Sindoor or Red Vermillion to the Peepal tree.

4] Then he has to remove the Jaggery and pick up a little bit of the Sindoor and spread it in front of the house of the enemy or the road or path that the enemy regularly uses. The Jaggery should be immersed in any flowing water body.

This easy to practice Mantra Prayog is said to quickly resolve all problems from that enemy.

Note- Numerous Hanuman Mantras for enemy related problems can be seen in the section on – Hanuman Mantra and Tantra and Mantra Tantra for Enemies


  1. सुदर्शन संहिता में वर्णित पंचमुखहनुमत्कवचम् अद्भुत कवच है .हनुमान भक्तों को तो इसका पाठ करना ही चाहिए .यहां दिया गया यह श्लोक कवच से ही उद्धृत है .
    इसके पाठभेद यों हैं --
    (1 )मर्कटेशं महोत्साहं सर्वशत्रुहरं परम् ।
    शत्रु संहर मां रक्ष श्रीमन्नापदमुद्धर ॥
    markaṭeśaṃ mahotsāhaṃ sarvaśatruharaṃ param ।
    śatru saṃhara māṃ rakṣa śrīmannāpadamuddhara ll
    (2 )मर्कटेश महोत्साह सर्वातङ्कनिवारक ।
    अरीन्संहर मां रक्ष सुखं दापय मे प्रभो ॥
    markaṭeśa mahotsāha sarvātaṅkanivāraka ।
    arīnsaṃhara māṃ rakṣa sukhaṃ dāpaya me prabho ॥
    (3 )मर्कटेश महोत्साह सर्वशोकविनाशक ।
    शत्रून् संहर मां रक्ष श्रियं दापय मे प्रभो ॥
    markaṭeśa mahotsāha sarvaśokavināśaka ।
    śatrūn saṃhara māṃ rakṣa śriyaṃ dāpaya me prabho ॥

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  3. Namaskar, I do not speak English, I try... I am in Italy and here is not possible to find a Peepal tree. Some other tree can be good? Thanks so much for all precious information, I love this site and hindu colture. Thank you, good bye


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