Use Ganesh Murtis Made from Mud during Ganesh Chaturthi

This year Ganesh Chaturthi will be celebrated from the 13th of September to the 23rd of September. Many readers and regular visitors to this site will be installing Ganesh Murtis in their homes. As suggested By Shri Satya Nidhiji, I would like to appeal to all readers to install Ganesh Murtis, prepared using mud and avoid installing Murtis, prepared using plaster of paris and other chemicals.

Traditionally, Ganesha idols, which were prepared using mud were installed in the homes of Ganesh Bhakts during Ganesh Chaturthi, but as time passed, many Ganesh Murti made from various other ingredients started getting prepared and sold to Ganesh Bhakts for installation in their homes.

The Ganesh Murti has to be immersed in water after the specific period for which you have installed the Ganesh Murti in your home that is one and a half day, five days, seven day or for the full period of Ganesh Chaturthi. Hence, it is essential that the Ganesh Murti should dissolve in the water and merge with the natural elements, after immersing it in water.

Eco-Friendly and Left Facing Trunk Ganesh Murti for Ganesh Chaturthi

The Veda have mentioned time and again that Agni is present in water or the ocean in the form of Vidyut, this is also contained in Rig Veda Mandala 8, Sukta 102, Mantra 5.

Mud Ganesh Murtis are also Eco-friendly and do not have an adverse on nature, especially on water, which is a most valuable natural resource.

As also suggested by Shri Satya Nidhiji, it is advisable that the Ganesh Murti should be in a sitting position[this is considered to be the most auspicious Ganesh Murti], however, other Ganesh Murtis can also be installed.

The Ganesh Murti should be a "Baye Sund Ki Ganesh Murti" or a Ganesh Murti with the trunk turned towards the left side, this kind of Ganesh Murti is called as the Vastu Ganesha.

There are specific methods and rituals prescribed for the worship of the Right Trunk Facing or Dakshin Mukhi Ganesh Idols, which are rigid, hence, it is better to install the Ganesh Murti with the trunk curved towards the left side.

The Janeu or Sacred Thread should be present on the shoulder of Ganesh. It is advisable that there should be a Chandrama or Half Moon mark on the forehead.

It is also advisable that there should be “Pash aur Ankush” in his hands, these are traditional weapons, which are symbolically associated with Ganesha for the removal of obstacles.

The Ganesh Murti should face the East or North East Directions, the South or South West Direction are not considered the best direction. It is also advisable that the Ganesh Murti should not be installed in such a way that it is exactly facing the main door of the house.

Two Ganesh Murtis should not be installed together, this is not applicable to public Ganesh Mandals, where they have a permanent Idol of Ganesha and keep a smaller idol alongside it, which is immersed on the conclusion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Note- All kinds of Mantras and Prayers dedicated to Shri Ganesha can be seen in the section on- Mantras and Prarthanas of Ganesha


  1. गणेश चतुर्थी के इन पावन दिनों में मेरी सलाह है कि इस साइट में २७ जनवरी २०१२ को प्रकाशित Ganesh mantra to fulfill wishes की साधना करें .इसमें केवल ३५ -४० मिनट का
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