Totka for Disobedient and Arrogant Children

In this post, I have written about a simple and easy to perform Indian Paranormal Remedy or Totka to make disobedient and arrogant children who insult their elders, behave properly. This Totka is also effective in rectifying the bad behavior of the younger members of a family who disrespect the elder members.

This is one of those Totke, which are normally prescribed for concerned elders of a joint family who are being treated badly by the younger members of the same family.

The Totka has to be practiced for five Mondays continuously, the only exception being for women, who can take a break during their Monthly Cycles.

Hindu Spell for Disobedient and Arrogant Children

The simple procedure given below should be followed in order to make the remedy work effectively and give the desired results.

1] The practitioner should take a Supari and make a hole in the center of the Supari.

2] Then, he should take a thread, which has been taken from the clothing of the child or person who is behaving badly and put it inside the hole of the Supari.

3] This, Supari should be then be tied on the root of a Peepal Tree and then the practitioner should pour a Kalash of water on the root of the Peepal Tree. A different thread should be used for tying the Supari on the root of the Peepal Tree, this thread should not be a taken from the clothing of the targeted person.

Sincerely practicing this Totka for 5 Monday is said to rectify the behavior of the disrespectful and arrogant family member.

There is no need to do anything other than what is mentioned below in this post, including any kind of Puja or Prarthana.

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  1. Hi Guruji, I live in North America where Peepal tree is not available. Can I use another tree for this Totka?
    Thanks in advance


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