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Lakshmi and Kuber Mantras easily come to mind when you are trying to find that special, magical and powerful Mantra Chant to get rich quickly. The two Hindu Deities are related to anything connected to money, wealth, property, material material luxuries, abundance and prosperity.

The Goddess Lakshmi as is well known,  is the Goddess of Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance and is refereed to by several names in many Hindu religious scriptures, like the Puranas. There are eight principal forms of Lakshmi, known as the Ashta Lakshmi with e specific primary function attributed to each of these eight forms.

Many people regard Mahalakshmi and Lakshmi to be two different deities with some major differences. In my opinion, both Mahalakshmi and Lakshmi are one and the same deity, with Mahalakshmi being the Universal Form, just like Vishnu and his Universal Form Maha Vishnu who is the Supreme Being possessing all the three aspects of existence, which are Creation, Preservation and Destruction. In the same manner Mahlakshmi is the Divine or Universal Mother or the Adi Shakti.

The Most Powerful and Effective Shreem Beej Mantra

श्रीं - Shreem is the Beej or Root Mantra of Lakshmi, hence, any person looking for a most powerful Mantra to get wealth and riches of all kinds should look for a Mantra containing the Shreem Beej. In fact, Shreem in itself is a Most Powerful Mantra Chant, which can be chanted or mediated upon by itself or in combination with other Beej Mantras or special invoking words and letters.

I have came across many Mantras for getting wealth and money, dedicated to other Hindu Deities, including many Shabar Mantras that include the Shreem Beej Mantra.

If the practitioner succeeds in getting Siddhi over the Shreem Mantra, by concentrating his entire energy upon it,  he will be able to generate immense power and energy that apart from riches and prosperity will also give him satisfaction and peace of mind.

Where there is wealth and money there is also tension, fear, anxiety, phobia and superstitions. By meditating upon the magical Shreem- श्रीं Beej, the practitioner will be able to get both riches and peace of mind, satisfaction and happiness.

Many people mistakenly believe that long Mantras, accompanied by lengthy rituals, like Havans give the best results. However, in the case of the Shreem Beej Mantra, small also means most powerful and effective. The benefits of concentrating you entire energy on this Chamatkai Mantra will give you results beyond your exceptions.

Many rare and powerful Lakshmi Mantras of all kinds, including the ones containing the Shreem Beej Mantra,  can be seen in the section on- Lakshmi Mantras and Prayers

Kubera is another Hindu Deity who is also worshiped in the Jain and Buddhist religions for becoming rich and prosperous.

There more than one descriptions of Kubera, the most popular being that of his being the custodian of wealth, riches and treasures. There is also something mystical about Kubera and is is also termed as a most powerful Yaksha by many people.

Kubera Mantra are also considered to be very strong Mantras for getting wealth and becoming prosperous. Some of the more popular Kubera Mantra Experiments for gaining riches and wealth, can be seen in the section on – Kuber Mantra and Tantra

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  1. Pranam Neel Guruji,
    Ek baar fir aapki post padh k accha laga.

    Ek sawal h. Shreem beej beej mantra ka meditation kis tarah karna hai. Procedure kya hai?


    1. ‘साधना’ हेतु सर्व-प्रथम स्नान आदि के बाद एक माला “ॐ ह्रीं सूर्याय नमः” मन्त्र का जप करें।
      फिर ‘पूजा -स्थान’ में कुल-देवताओं का पूजन कर भगवती श्रीमहा-लक्ष्मी के चित्र या मूर्त्ति का पूजन करे। पूजन में ‘कुंकुम’ महत्त्वपूर्ण है, इसे अवश्य चढ़ाए।
      पूजन के पश्चात् माँ की कृपा-प्राप्ति हेतु मन-ही-मन संकल्प करे।इसके बाद बीजमंत्र का जप करें .जप में शीघ्रता न करें .जप में माला आवश्यक नहीं है ,न जप संख्या का हिसाब रखें .रोज नियमित रूप से घंटे दो घंटे अवश्य जप करें .

  2. Sir daily how many times to chant this SHREEM and at what time..

  3. Namaste gurji
    1.Do we require diksha to chant shreem mantra
    2.only shreem mantra chant is enough to chant or we should imagine a image while chanting

    Thank you


  5. Hlo neel ji.
    Do we put om before shreem and swaha or namah at the end.

    1. There is no need, but, there are other variations of these Beej Mantras in which Om is used.


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