Indian Black Magic Spells to Separate Lovers

In this post, I have written about three deadly Indian Black Magic Spells to separate and make friends, lovers or husband and wife fight with each other and turn into sworn enemies. These are fearsome Voodoo Spells from the Videshan Tantra or the Indian Paranormal Science of dividing targeted people by making them fight among themselves.

These Spells are cast by Tantriks, Black Magicians and Spell Casters in India on behalf of their clients who wish to separate or divide people or break-up relationships and make them hostile towards each other.

1] On a Sunday, the practitioner has to immerse a piece of the clothing of both the targeted persons in a mixture of the blood of an owl and a crow.

Then, he has to burn the clothes to ash on the day of Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi, this is the fourteenth day of the Dark Fortnight or Krishna Paksha of the Hindu Lunar Month according to the Hindu Almanac.

As per the Tantra, if this ash is secretly sprinkled on the heads of the two targeted persons, then, they will start fighting among themselves and become sworn enemies of each other.

Voodoo Black Magic Spells to Separate Husband and Wife

2] On a Monday, the practitioner has to take the feathers of a crow and an owl and burn them to ash.

Then, he has to secretly sprinkle that ash on the heads of the two targeted person whom he wishes to separate and make enemies of each other.

This Spell has the same effect as the first spell and there will be disagreements or fights between the two, which will make them enemies of each other.

3] The practitioner has to cut the head of a scorpion on the day of an Amavasya or New Moon.

Then, on a Tuesday or a Sunday, he has to obtain the nails of a crow, and the wings of an owl and a black kite, which is called Cheel Pakshi in the Hindi language.

Then, he has to grind all these animal parts to make a powder and light Guggul Dhoop or Myrrh Incense and offer the smoke to this powder.

Then, he has to secretly sprinkle or keep a pinch of this powder in the house of the people he whom he wants to divide by making them fight with each other, this includes the husband-wife and all the other residents of that targeted house.

This has the same effects as the first two spells and the residents of the house will start quarreling with each other and become sworn enemies of each other.

Notes-All these three Spells, described in this post are standalone Voodoo Spells for dividing enemies and they do not need the chanting of any kind of Mantra, Stotra or Prayer.

Many more such Spells, Mantras, Yantras and Remedies to resolve all problems related to enemies can be seen in the section on- Mantras, Rituals and Spells for Enemies.

This article has been solely written to give information about rare and ancient Indian Spells and Paranormal Practises and not to advocate their use.

This site is in no position to certify the success or failure of these Fearsome Spells to turn friends or spouses into enemies of each other.


  1. Sir , plz write a post about para and apara vidya sadhna

    And Roop parivartarn ( changing physical form) Sadhna

  2. Very shocking and sad..
    How do you protect yourself from these things?


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