Yantra for Relief from Naru Rog

In this post, I have written about a specific Healing Charm, which is said to cure or give relief to people suffering from Naru Rog, also called Bala Rog or guinea worm disease [Dracunculus medinensis], which is a painful skin disease that cause a great deal of discomfort to the infected person.

The Charm, which is a numerical Yantra, comprising of numbers vibrating to a specific frequency has to be written on a Bhojpatra using the Paste of Ashtagandha as the ink and a small pointed wooden stick as the pen.

Healing Spell for relief from  guinea worm disease

It can also be written on a piece of white paper, using red colored ink.

There is no infusing procedure or any other form of worship for this Healing Yantra and it can be prepared and used on any day.

After preparing the Yantra, it should be folded and place inside a metal locket or a cloth Taweez and worn around the neck, as a healing charm.

The numbers can also be written in the Hindi language.

Notes- Article written for the purpose of giving information on rare and ancient Indian Healing Spells and not to advocate the use of the same as a replacement for any ongoing medical treatment.

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