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Durga Mata Yantra for Every Kind of Protection

In this post, I have described a most powerful Durga Mata Yantra for getting every kind of security, protection and safety in life.  This Sarva Suraksha Prapti Yantra or all security protection talisman gives all round protection to the practitioner, including protection from enemies, accidents, natural disasters and calamities and illness and disease.

The Durga Mata Yantra will put a most powerful and effective Suraksha Chakra or protective circle around the practitioner.

The procedure of preparing and utilizing the immense power of this Yantra for getting the divine protection of the Divine Mother has been given below.

1] This Sarva Suraksha Yantra has to be prepared on any Friday in the evening after having a bath and wearing clean and fresh clothes.

2] The practitioner can sit on any colored Aasan and he has to face the east direction, while preparing and worshiping the Durga Mata Yantra.

Har Prakar Ki Suraksha Ka Durga Mata Yantra
3] The practitioner has to draw the Yantra on a portion of the leaf of the banana tree. For doing this, he can cut a small square piece of the banana leaf and draw the Yantra on that square.

4] A mixture of the paste of Kumkum, Kasturi and Kapur should be used as the ink and a small pointed stick of the Jaiphal or nutmeg plant should be used as the writing instrument.

5] The prepared Durga Mata Yantra should be placed on a wooden board and worshiped by lighting Diya and Dhoop and offering fresh flowers and seasonal fruit to the Yantra.

6] Then, the practitioner has to chant the Durga Mata Mantra given below 1000 times using a Rudraksha Japa Mala.
|| ॐ दुर्गायै नमः ||
|| Om Durgayai Namah ||

7] After completing the Durga Mata Mantra Japa, the practitioner has to perform Dashansh Havan, which is one tenth of the total number of Mantra Chants and in this case is 100. Ghee should be offered to the Havan, while chanting the Durga Mata Mantra.

8] The Yantra should be worshiped in the same manner by chanting the Mantra and performing the Havan for three days.

9] Then, on the third day, after performing the Havan, the practitioner should give food and some Dakshina to three Satvik and religious persons.

10] After this, the Yantra should be nicely folder and placed inside a Triloha Metal Locket. Triloha as explained in earlier posts, is an amalgamation of three different metals. The Locket should be worn around the neck as a protective talisman.

This most powerful and effective Durga Mata Yantra-Mantra Prayog is said to give the most powerful kind of protection to the practitioner and protect him from all types of dangers.

Note- During the three days of the Yantra-Mantra Experiment, the practitioner should maintain celibacy, consume Satvik food that does not contain salt and control his anger and emotions and refrain from speaking ill about others or engage in gossip.


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