Yantras to Remove Negativity and Fear of Enemy

In this post, I have written about two very simple and easy-to-practice Yantras for removing every kind of negativity and the fear of enemies These are some of the most common problems faced by most people all over the world, especially during these difficult and dangerous times of the Kaliyuga; The Age of Darkness and these Yantras are very helpful  resolving these problems

These fear-removal Yantras are simple and easy to make and do not involve difficult and lengthy Tantrik Rituals or worship and are free from any kind of rules and regulations. If desired, the practitioner can light incense and an oil lamp in front of these Yantras and chant a small prayer to this Favoured Deity for blessing him with success in the purpose for which he has made the Yantra.

Yantra to Remove All Negativity: This simple numerical negative energies removal Yantra repels or destroys all negativity, including trouble from ghostly beings, Black magic spells, curses, evil eye, and other negative energies.

This Yantra can be made on any day, at any time, on white paper using any kind of ink. Then, the Yantra should be kept on the body by wearing it around the neck or keeping it in his pocket. In case, the Yantra gets damaged, it can be immersed in flowing water and replaced by another such Yantra.

Negativity Removal Yantra

The Hindi language video of this negative energies destruction Yantra can be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Sabse Saral Sarva Badha Nashak Yantra Upay 

Yantra to remove the fear of enemies: This Yantra is considered to be most effective in removing the fear of enemies who are trying to harm you or causing problems for you and have become a constant threat and danger.

The Yantra can be prepared on a Sunday on Bhojpatra or white paper using the juice of Datura or Thorn Apple / Jamestown weed, the practitioner can use a small pointed wooden or metal instrument as the pen. The word देव दत्त  in the middle of the fear removal Yantra should be replaced with the name of the enemy. Then, the Yantra can be kept anywhere on the body and if gets damaged, it can be replaced by another Yantra.

Yantra to remove fear of enemy

Notes: You can also see the sections Prophet666.com: Mantras and Yantras for Enemy Problems and Mantras and Yantras to Remove Negative Energies.


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