Banyan Leaf Remedy to Fulfil Desires or Remove Dangers

In this post, I have explained a simple method of practicing a very effective and fast-working time-tested Indian Totka or supernatural remedy for fulfilling wishes and desires or removing problems and dangers using a Bargad Ke Ped Ka Patta or Banyan Tree Leaf.

This paranormal remedy is a more effective version of an earlier remedy for the same purpose, using the same method, which was published on this site a few years back. The earlier remedy can be seen here: Supernatural Remedy to fulfill a wish using a Banyan Tree Leaf.

The method of practicing this Wish Fulfilling or Problem Removing Remedy is given below: 

1] The Supernatural Remedy should be practiced in secret after Sunset on a Full Moon Day or Purnima when cosmic energies are at their peak.

2] The practitioner should bring home a large, clean, and undamaged Banyan Tree Leaf after Sunset and wash it and after it dries up write down his wish or problem in a few words, on the Leaf using Haldi or Turmeric Paste as the ink and a small pointed wooden stick as the pen.
Banyan Leaf Remedy

3] The Banyan Tree Leaf should then be worshiped with offerings of Gandham and Fresh Flowers and an incense stick and oil lamp should be lit in front of it. The practitioner should say a small prayer to his Ishta Devta or Favored Deity and Jal Devta or the Water Deity to bless him with success and fulfill his wish or remove his difficulties.

4] Then, the practitioner should dip a thread in Turmeric Paste, roll the Banyan Tree Leaf, and wrap the thread around it.

5] After completing these steps, the practitioner should go to a water body, like the sea, river, canal, lake, or well and remember his Ishta Devta and Jal Devta and immerse the Banyan Tree Leaf in the water. Then, he should go back home without glancing back over his shoulder and speaking to any person. As mentioned earlier in this post, the practitioner should maintain complete secrecy and not tell any person that he is practicing this remedy or has practiced it.

Note: All kinds of Supernatural Remedies can be seen on the various sections of this site, including the sections, Paranormal Remedies for Money Gain and Paranormal Remedies for Healing.


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