Dreams Foretelling Good Luck, Fortune and Gain of Money

In this post, I have written about some more auspicious dreams or dreams foretelling good luck, a gain of money, wealth, and fortune. The dream interpretation is based on the ancient Indian science of Swapna Shastra and Vichar.

1] Swimming in a river or ocean, flying in the sky, watching the sunrise, seeing a fire, watching planets, constellations, stars, or solar systems. Climbing on top of a tall building or walking on the terrace of a tall building. Seeing such scenes in dreams is considered to be very fortunate and lucky and they indicate the fulfillment of wishes and desires and success in any important work or task.

2] Dreaming about drinking wine or liquor, eating meat and flesh, watching feces or decomposed soil or manure on your body, bathing in blood, consuming curd-rice, wearing white colored clothes, rubbing white powder, white ask or white sandalwood powder on your body and wearing jewels. These are auspicious scenes that foretell good news or happening in the near future.

3] Wearing auspicious clothes and wearing auspicious flowers on your body. Watching a woman wearing exotic and beautiful jewelry,. Climbing on a tree filled with fruits, seeing a bull, mountain, milk, and mirror. Seeing a garland of meat or flowers.  Traveling through a large water body. Viewing these scenes in dreams foretells the gain of money and wealth or the removal of sickness and disease or auspicious occurrences in the near future.

Dreams foretelling gain of money

4] The person who dreams about a government employee, elephant, horse, gold, bull, or a village will experience an increase in his family, including the birth of a son or daughter. 

5] Dreaming about climbing on a tree giving white latex/milk, like banyan or cluster fig, and waking up suddenly indicate a fast gain of money and wealth. 

6] Dreaming that a white-colored snake has bitten you indicate that you will get immense wealth within ten days. 

7] Dreaming that you are in water and a snake or scorpion has bitten you indicate victory, the gain of money, success, or the birth of a son. 

8] Dreaming about a Heron or flock of Heron flying, a hen, or a crane bird foretells that the dreamer will marry a girl from an excellent family and she will possess a sweet voice and good character.

9] Dreaming about a young woman wearing white clothes and wearing a sandalwood mark on her forehead indicates immense gain of money and wealth in the near future.

10] Dreaming about getting curds indicate a gain of wealth, ghee or clarified butter indicates success, and eating curds indicates success.

Note: See the sections Prophet666.com: Indian Paranormal Beliefs for all kinds of dream interpretations.


  1. Sir..I have tried most of your remedies...but all are in vain...Sir I run a small school and a coaching centre near my home...I work very hard to earn money...But suddenly from this year most of the students left my classes..I don't why this happens...plz help me sir...it is heartbreaking for me ..I m going towards depression


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