Interpretation of 25 Rare, Strange and Unusual Dreams

In this post, I have given some interesting information about 25 rare, strange, weird, or unusual dreams based on Hindu Swapna Phal Shastra. These are both Shubh or Auspicious and Ashubh or Inauspicious Dreams.

1] Mehndi or Heena: Seeing Mehndi or applying it on your body, hands, or feet in a dream is a good sign for ladies and an inauspicious sign for men.

2] Divorce: Dreaming about anything connected to a divorce indicates becoming rich, prosperous, and wealthy shortly.

3] Playing Chess:
Dreams about winning in a game of chess indicate victory in anything, including sports and competitions.

Hindu Swapna Phal Shastra

4] Being Drunk: This is actually a good dream, which indicates wealth and riches.

5] Seeing a Needle in Dreams: An auspicious dream indicting gain of money and a happy time ahead.

6] Dreaming about the Monthly Cycle of Women:
Not a good or auspicious dream, an indication of an undesirable occurrence in your life.

7] Seeing Wheat: This indicates that you will achieve success in any difficult task or work.

8] Smoke: Indicates arguments, differences of opinion, or even fights with others.

9] Seeing your own Beard:
Increase in fame, respect, and prestige in society, family, business, or workplace.

10] Getting or Finding Silver:
Dreaming about getting or finding Silver foretells that you will profit or gain some favor from a person in authority, like a government officer.

11] Medicines: This is an auspicious dream, which foretells the fulfillment of wishes and desires.

12] Saffron:
Dreaming about Saffron or Kesar in Hindi foretells an increase in fame and recognition.

13] Nasal Bleeding: Watching yourself bleeding from the nose in a very good dream that foretells that you will gain money easily by putting in no effort.

14] Selling a Pearl or Dreaming about a Jeweller:
Indicates joy and happiness shortly.

15] Dreaming about your own chopped Head: Sudden or unexpected gain of money, wealth, or property.

16] Dreaming about Kasturi or Deer Musk:
Success and radiance.

17] Consuming Poison:
This dream foretells that you will create unneeded or unnecessary problems, and also indicates mental discomfort shortly.

18] Crying or Shouting:
Another auspicious dream, foretelling that the coming days will be full of joy, satisfaction, and happiness.

19] Dreaming about being Handcuffed:
An inauspicious dream indicating sadness, troubles, and doing some evil or sinful activity.

20] Dharamshala or Public Rest Home or Shelter: Dreaming of a Dharamshala foretells the gain of wealth and happy and joyful times ahead.shortlyin Dreams: Ill Health, sickness, and bad health in the near future.

22] Sesame Seeds: Favors and help from a person in power or authority.

23] Falling in Sludge or Kichad in Hindi: This is a fortunate dream, indicating happiness.

24] Ghee or Clarified Butter:
A fortunate dream indicating joy and profit.

25] Grass: Dreaming about grass indicates riches and wealth.

Notes: Please note that these dream interpretations are based upon Swapna Phal Vichar and there are some other factors, which should also be taken into consideration while decoding dreams, You can read about it in this article: Which Dreams Turn True.

More Dream interpretations can be seen in the Section Indian Paranormal Beliefs.


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