Paranormal Remedies for Money and Buying a House

In this post, I have described the uncomplicated method of easily practicing two very effective Indian Paranormal Remedies or Upay or Totke to become the owner of a new home and remove all kinds of money problems.

These are simple but powerful remedies that do need any kind of worship or the chanting of any Mantras, Stotras, Prayers, or the use of a Charm or Yantra. Hence, any person desperately seeking a house or money or both can practice them without any kind of difficulty.
Upay to get Fast Money

1] Remedy to own a New House: If the practitioner is unable to purchase his own home despite putting in every effort, he can try the simple and easy-to-practice paranormal remedy given below.

The practitioner should give sufficient food to a needy and hungry person every Friday. The type and kind of food can be on the financial condition of the practitioner. The practitioner doesn't need to feed the same person every Friday, it can be given to the same or any available needy and hungry person.

Along with this simple remedy, the practitioner should give Gud or Jaggery to a cow every Sunday.

These two simple to practice paranormal remedies can make the practitioner the owner of his own home. Practicing these remedies could give the practitioner sufficient funds to purchase the house or he could inherit ancestral property, including an ancestral house. He could even get sudden or unexpected money and wealth from unexpected sources.

2] Paranormal Remedy to remove money shortages at home or business: If the practitioner is finding it very difficult to get sufficient funds for the survival of his business or to purchase the essential necessities at home, he can try the easy-to-practice remedy described below.

This remedy can be practiced on any day in the evening at home or on the business premises of the practitioner or in both these places. The practitioner should take a small quantity of un-boiled cow milk in a small Thali, Katora, or Cup and mix a few drops of pure honey in the milk, and then he should sprinkle the milk in all the rooms, especially in the corners.

The cow milk and honey mixture should not be sprinkled in the bathrooms and toilets. The practitioner can keep Rock Salt or Sendha Namak in a small bowl in these places to remove all the negative energies and vibrations present in such areas. This Upay can be practiced every week or every fifteen days to make the effects permanent.

Notes: All kinds of rare and ancient paranormal remedies to resolve any problem related to money and wealth can be seen in the section on Paranormal Remedies for Gain of Wealth.

The Hindi language videos of both these paranormal remedies can be seen on our YouTube Channel:

1] Sab Kuch Karke Khud Ka Makan Nahi Bana Rahe ho To Yah Upay Karen

2] Ghar Aur Dhande Me Paison Ki Tangi Door Karne Ka Upay


  1. Dear Sir, The cow milk and honey should be sprinkle daily or every 15 days or weekly?

    1. It is a one time Upay that can be done once and if you want you can repeat it after 1 week, 15 days or 1 month.


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